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WAJ Magazine Summer Release

Newark, NJ -- On Friday, September 16th, Bentley's Restaurant and Lounge played host to the summer issue We Are Jersey Magazine release party. The night was headlined by music artist Trey Budden who gave an energetic performance that had the audience on their feet but not before R&B singer Karma hypnotized the crowd with her angelic vocals. Pilar Scratch made an appearance and graced the stage with a soulful speech regarding her and her son, River Mason, and how honored they both were to be on the cover of Summer 2022.

As guests mingled and took in the sights, they were able to enjoy delicious appetizers and tastebud-fulfilling entrees from the soulful kitchen of Bentleys accompanied by celebratory champagne and wine. The red carpet was laid out for photo ops with photographer David Alexander where many posed with their dates, friends, and more. Pilar and Trey took the liberty to snap a few flicks with supporters who were beyond thrilled to be able to connect in person with two of NJ's best creatives.

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