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We're a creative collective of industry professionals with extensive experience in the field. We've helped further the development of artists, brands and business owner by providing marketing services such as logos & graphics design for musicians who are looking to expand their reach online; DJing at private events from startups to established brands and government officials. If you need any help getting those wheels turning then don't hesitate anymore because our team has been known not only make dreams happen but also turn them into reality when it comes down creativity with our diverse skillsets - all in the name of making you look good!

We Offer

- Marketing
-Graphic Design
- DJ (private and public events)
- Modeling
- Photography
- Videography
- Creative Direction
- Commercials

and More!

Model and Designer Alma Davis, owner of Royal Soul
New Jersey Wedding and Event Photographer


We have a diverse and experienced team of photographers. We specialize in many different types of photography, including events, live shows (including concerts), editorial work for publications like WAJ Magazine, product photography, weddings and more!


From weddings to music performances, we can help you create the perfect commercial that will increase your brand awareness and sales! Contact Us for more information on how these services might be right up your alley.

New Jersey Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design

We are committed to creating visual communications that engage your audience. We take pride in our ability make any project stand out with unique cover arts and highly creative designs for all types of projects including print ads or billboards; web applications (website), book covers, illustrations, apparel advertisements and design which can include t shirts , hats etc. to product campaigns and product design.

Digital Marketing Services for Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Music Artists by We Are Jersey

Marketing and Promotions

We are able to help you market your brand or music through Facebook, Youtube and Google Ads. To start the process off a consultation is required where we will give an analysis on how best for us reach out as well as what content would work with each platform individually so that it can have maximum impact!

Bergen County, Essex County, Passaic County DJ


We have an extensive experience in DJing for any occasion, from yacht parties to corporate events and graduations. Our professional team will ensure that your guests are having fun on the dancefloor with their favorite music!

Creative Direction By We Are Jersey

Creative Direction

If you are looking for a creative director to help bring your music videos and photoshoots into the next level, then look no further than our team. We can turn any idea into reality with innovative ideas that will leave audiences wanting more!

Wedding Tent

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