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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Voorhees Small Business Showcase and Expo by Staying The Course Incorporated and Black Ink Creative Partners LLC 

Updated: Apr 3


Empowering Entrepreneurs Event 

Saturday July 13th, 2024 

2120 Town Center Blvd 

Voorhees NJ, Camden County 

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Voorhees Small Business Showcase and Expo by Staying The Course Incorporated and Black Ink Creative Partners LLC 

Brace yourselves. Inspirational entrepreneur Lashaun Drew and visionary creative Eric Vincent are joining forces to organize a groundbreaking event set to transform the New Jersey business landscape. 

On July 13th, 2024 Expect a day filled with inspirational speakers, musicians, a local designer fashion show, and the inaugural New Jersey Battle of The Municipalities Hot Dog Eating Contest, pitting Mayor against Mayor. But that's just the beginning! Car enthusiasts will flaunt their classic/custom/exotic vehicles at the SBX Community Cruise-In and artists will display their works in the Voorhees Outdoor Art Gallery and Show. This isn't merely another market or car show; it's a celebration of community taking place at 2120 Town Center Blvd in Voorhees NJ. 

This collaboration culminates in the Voorhees Small Business Showcase and Expo—an event transcending the traditional showcase format. It's a marketplace, fundraiser, networking event, festival, and platform amplifying the voices of both the community and small businesses. 

Early support has poured in from the township and The Voice Radio Network, which is amplifying the event across its seven Latino and Hispanic radio stations. The collaboration has garnered commitments from non-profits, media personalities, and companies sharing the vision. 

Meet the dynamic duo: Lashaun Drew, founder of The Original Hot Dog Factory - Voorhees and Staying The Course Incorporated—a non-profit motivating young women aged 10 to 18. Lashaun is also the driving force behind Girl With A Grill LLC, an initiative providing hot fresh meals cooked on the spot to those in need. On the other side, Eric Vincent, the mind behind Black Ink Creative Partners LLC and the ProcurementCon brand family. As successful entrepreneurs, Eric and the ProcurementCon team aim to empower the small business community by connecting them with valuable resources and opportunities. 

Lashaun Drew expressed excitement, declaring, "This partnership is a testament to our dedication, proving that two distinct missions can support the same audience—our communities. Through collaboration, we'll make this event a statewide example of empowerment, starting in Voorhees, a town dedicated to small business and community success." 

For more information or to support the event, visit and check out the Small Business Showcase and Expo.

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Adrienne Bauldock 

Production Consultant 

About Black Ink Creative Partners LLC: 

Black Ink Creative Partners LLC is a dynamic company acclaimed for its innovative marketing and creative strategies. With a proven track record in private and government contracting, the company is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering growth in diverse communities. 

About Staying The Course Incorporated and Girl With A Grill LLC: 

Staying The Course Incorporated is dedicated to inspiring and guiding individuals towards extraordinary results. Through unwavering commitment, the organization empowers individuals to overcome hardships, discover their inner strength, and unlock their true potential.


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