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Holiday and
Mini Photography

Photographs capture memories that we have long forgotten. By looking at one we relive the moment. Whether during the holiday season or in a place with a
nice view, it’s time to start planning your family photos. What better way than a holiday mini-session with your family? If you are looking for a fun and convenient way to capture those special moments with your loved ones, holiday mini sessions in NJ might be just what you need. A shorter photo session typically lasting between 20-30 mins, is perfectly designed to capture professional photos in a festive and seasonal setting. Convenient and affordable these sessions are for everyone who doesn’t want to hire someone for a whole day when you just need a professional for a few hours. The flexibility of location and the hassle of planning everything around your busy schedule is no more of a worry.


You can hire someone in NJ for a mini-photography session at a much more affordable cost than you would have paid for a full day. These sessions are offered by photographers so that you could get a professional to capture your special moment. It could be a yearly gathering for a family portrait or a special proposal or just a day out to a special place with your loved ones. You don’t need someone around the whole day but just for the time when you want to capture it in a portrait.
It’s accessible by the day and especially preferred during the holiday session. When spending time with close ones during the holidays, and remembering the day through photographs makes the holiday mini sessions in NJ a remarkable choice for everyone.


If you are interested in booking holiday mini sessions near NJ then WAJ is your answer. Our holiday mini sessions service is the best you can avail in NJ. The
best photographers with years of professional experience are to uphold. Our team will guide you through the entire process of booking a session and making it memorable for you. Our team of expert photographers knows how to
capture your special moment so that you can cherish it for generations to come. WAJ offers different sessions designed for all aspects of occasions and the
festive season. Our experts are with you for 45mins, with add-on options at your convenience. We work closely with our clients to understand them and make it an
unforgettable experience. What is holding you then, that special occasion of yours is just around the corner.
Book WAJ’s holiday mini sessions in NJ and relive the moments for times tocome. Give us a call today or visit our website for a quote.






Christmas Photoshoot Holiday Mini Sessions
Image by Annie Spratt

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Family Mini Session - Photoshoot
Baby Photoshoot Mini Session
Family Mini Session - Photoshoot
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