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The Underground II: Lucid Media Blog and A New Generation of Rap

Across New Jersey, many artists often never realize their potential and dreams of performing. Many usually remain underground, either hoarding their creations or yelling into the void of the internet, hoping someone will listen. On Friday, May 10th, a group of South Jersey creatives changed the narrative and put on a masterclass in underground music. The folks at The Interzone, Lucid Media Blog, redbrags, dgtlconcrete, and The Void Basement came together to host "The Underground II", the second underground hip-hop show for South Jersey locals.

Cashcors wearing Lucid Media Blog merch at The Underground II
Flyer for The Underground II by @Acetheartist

The Sequal

The show was built on "The Underground," a basement show featuring underground rappers from the Rowan Glassboro area, including Destin Miles, Nitro, Crystal Genesis, Hellsent, and the late Indo. The first show was a smash hit, with a larger turnout and more energy than our hosts at The Grotto and myself could have imagined. Given its success and the scene's evergrowing hunger for more events, it was only right to do it again, bigger and better with The Underground II.

Cashcors wearing Lucid Media Blog merch at The Underground II
Cashcors wearing Lucid Media Blog merch at The Underground II

Lucid Media Blog and A New Era of Rap

The new wave of underground hip-hop rockstars inspired by Lil Uzi, Trippie Red, Tyler the Creator, and other alternative rap artists make the stage their home, laying the feelings bare and turning the small basement venues into a sauna. Colorful dreadlocks, vintage teeshirts, and baggy jeans filled the space. The smell of burning tobacco leaves and weed was almost strong enough to set off fire alarms. The dark basement was filled with the relentless feeling of something special; cameras and live streams captured moments that will live beyond us all.

Local Legends

The Underground II featured the likes of Crystal Genesis, a self-described "emo and ethereal" female rapper who opened the show on a high note. Next went Destin Miles and Nitro, a dynamic duo who paid homage to the late Indo, a recently passed local rapper whose legacy lives on through their music. Richiexo followed up with high-energy raps and beats that turned spectators into dancers. Cashcors, one of Motion Mafia's fines, continued the night with many appearances to keep the vibes alive. Finally, the enigmatic Baby Osamaa from New York closed the night with a sexy drill-style set, and patrons were not disappointed.


The night was a massive success, making it Lucid Media Blog's most successful show. The turnout was way more than we could imagine and marked a pivotal moment. Our hobby of curating the local music scene has blossomed into a fully-fledged collective. Our affiliated artists, basement venues, and fans of underground local music in the college scene have come to expect us to put on our memorable shows.  

Baby Osamaa, headliner of Lucid Media Blog's The Underground II
Baby Osamaa, headliner of The Underground II

We are beyond grateful for all the support from those in person and online. If you'd like to join us on our journey of uplifting small local artists to larger and larger stages, follow us on Instagram and YouTube and subscribe to our website to stay in the loop.



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