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"Show Me the Peace"

I cannot imagine a life without this concept of peace being present. My heartbeat thrives on circumstances that are peaceful by default, and so it is paramount that I ensure its presence in EVERY aspect of my life's walk. The scent of a garden or the scent of a woman's perfume, can do wondrous things to a man's psyche. The sight of a well painted mural displaying black power or the disrespectfully gratifying sight of a woman in a sundress (yes lawd), tends to make difficult days take a promising u-turn for the better! Come on know what I'm talkin' about!! Smh I thank EVERY Divine being for the creation of woman.......anyway....

.....what do you feel when see things that bring joy? What happens to your upper back when relaxation of some form drapes over your shoulders, as if it's a cozy, furry blanket on a night of winter's snowy madness? You find peace! You find blissful, subtle, and ever-so-necessary peace.

Here's where the fun part comes in. Let's talk about your romantic interest; does your gf/bf, fiance, or husband/wife bring you true peace? Do you know how dire a necessity peace is? Let me break this down a bit more extensively.

- Wives stay in marriages void of peace with an abusive husband due to fear, children, or other reasons I cannot name. I cannot go too much further into detail for sake of a possible trigger I don't want to set off, but you see where I stand in regards to peace. [I pray every woman who endures this to escape as soon you can. You're more valuable than you could ever know]

- Unhealthy relationships are maintained daily due to physical attraction & sexual addictions, but without sexual involvement, the sight of arguments, fights, neglect, disrespect, and anguish is more than plentiful. These romantic situations are (you guessed it) void of peace.

- Children born in and out of wedlock are faced with fear and traumatic memories, because mom is beating on dad (they surely don't present that kind of abuse enough) & vice versa. They see yelling between their parents in marriages and relationships high in screaming & name calling, but low in affection and quality time. They see disapproving looks between mother and father, and watch them remain in separate rooms when they NEED to see the parents together. That must be done for children to visually comprehend what isn't normalcy in their home. That home is void of peace!

Photo Credit: Naba Zabih Couple Photo (via Google)

Every man and woman should be in and around a love that brings them peace. Love provides peace that passes all understanding!! Our Creator (based upon your beliefs, take it as you see fit) formed us to connect, and to honor, love, and cherish (sounds familiar...I know) one another. A person should be able to come home, and NOT want to throw the toaster to the back of their partner's neck. No silly, that's never happened to me, but I do imagine that would be a sickening & painful experience. Your chiropractor would have a lot of work to do (yikes).

That doesn't sound much like a home where peace reigns supreme. It sounds to me like someone needs to dethrone the trauma, and sit peace down with the crown and mantle. No one who is labeled "sane" wants to come home to that (unless they're so locked into trauma and pain that they embrace it).

Coupled up folk, does your space feel like a place of peace?

Do you consider holding your partner when you get home immediately?

Do you smile when their face, name, or voice comes to mind?

Can the definition of peace be defined in someone's eyes, when they enter & observe your family unit/home (or relationship)?

The year 2022 hasn't sprouted much faith in love and romance. The consideration for romantics seems to be quite low in my opinion, though it does exist in many a heart as I've spoken to folk in my daily routine. The portion of you that still has faith in love that enhances peace should thrive, because hope, belief, and optimism are in existence for a reason.

Photo Credit: Black Couple Image via Pinterest

If peace is compromised even in casual dating scenarios, you can rest assured that the interest a person has can be cut off instantaneously.

What has the intrusion of a toxic individual or a reckless & selfish person cost you, when you think of the peace you once had before their arrival? Think about it! I'm telling you that as for me, I've had more enjoyment and tranquil moments talking to dolphins in an aquarium, than I've had with some women in my past romantic circumstances. *clears throat* that says quite a bit, doesn't it? Ladies, fellas, please protect your peace at all costs. Furthermore, in the most blissful, euphoric confines of what romance genuinely looks like, know that peace is always there!! A romance without peace isn't romance at all. Don't show me your wallet! Don't show me the clothes you have! I genuinely don't care about the luxury watches you may own, so don't show me that (not a jewelry fan really, anyway). Show me the peace!


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