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Empowering Excellence: Highlights from the 2024 Northeast Sistahs in Business Expo & Pitch Competition

The 2024 Northeast Sistahs in Business Expo & Pitch Competition, hosted on Saturday, April 20th by Sharon “La Loca” Montero, at the Marriott in Newark, NJ, exceeded all expectations, as they marked seven years of remarkable growth. The venue buzzed with an electrifying atmosphere of love, community, and triumph, as attendees reveled in the abundance of networking opportunities and celebrated collective victories. From the early hours, the space teemed with over 75 vibrant and diverse vendors, creating an immersive environment where guests connected and forged meaningful relationships. This event served as a powerful testament to the unwavering strength and solidarity of women entrepreneurs, demonstrating the transformative impact of unity and empowerment within the business community.

The day commenced with a soulful prayer expressing gratitude, led by none other than our esteemed Founder & CEO, Aisha Taylor Issah. As the event unfolded, attendees were treated to an energizing playlist curated by DJ Sienna Chanel, who had the women dancing to their favorite jams throughout the entire event. Additionally, we were honored to have Tevra Francis, Media Correspondent and Founder of NJinColor, grace us with her presence, capturing the essence of the day through her lens and insightful commentary. The lineup of speakers was nothing short of inspiring, featuring Keynote Speaker Jesseca "Judy" Dupart, Founder & CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, and Featured Speaker Chyna Dollhouse, Founder & CEO of Dollhouse Cosmetics. Their powerful words resonated deeply with all present, igniting a collective spirit of success, empowerment, connection, and sisterhood that reverberated throughout the event.

Throughout the day, attendees had the chance to explore diverse vendors, engage in dynamic panel discussions, and enjoy live entertainment. From beauty products to wellness services, the expo showcased the incredible talents and offerings of women-owned businesses from across the region.

The Pitch Competition emerged as a defining moment of the event, showcasing the entrepreneurial prowess of five outstanding finalists to a panel of esteemed judges. The room buzzed with anticipation and energy as each contestant took the stage, delivering their pitches with confidence and conviction. Before the Super Power Panel took the stage, the audience was treated to the soulful melodies of Keyvauna Lashae, whose R&B covers and original music melted hearts and set the stage for what was to come.

As the Super Power Panel took their seats, panelists Towanda McEachern, Kika Wise, Dawn Fitch, Nekei Lewis, and Deja Vu gave amazing gems. The audience was captivated by their insights and wisdom.

The Pitch Finalists, including Akira Frierson Wood of Take Care of You LLC, SaVonne Anderson of Aya Paper Co., Charlecia Joy Cole of Stapledon Arts, Floritza Gomez of Floritza's Flavor, and Tanesha Halstead of Virtually Centered Solutions, showcased their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas, leaving a lasting impression on both judges and attendees alike.

Speaking of judges, the Pitch Competition wouldn't have been possible without the expertise of Paula Alford, Citi Medina, and Simeko Hartley, who diligently evaluated each pitch and provided invaluable feedback.

In the end, Savonne Anderson's groundbreaking vision for Aya Paper Co. secured her the first-place victory, while Floritza Gomez and Charlecia Joy Cole claimed second and third place respectively. Their pitches were not just presentations but heartfelt expressions of their entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to making a difference in their respective industries. The event also provided valuable networking opportunities for attendees, allowing them to connect with like-minded individuals, forge new partnerships, and exchange ideas. From media correspondents to entrepreneurs, everyone came together to celebrate the achievements of women in business and support each other's endeavors.

As the day came to a close, there was a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment in the air. Attendees left feeling inspired, motivated, and empowered to take their businesses to new heights. The 2024 Northeast Sistahs in Business Expo & Pitch Competition was more than just an event—it was a celebration of sisterhood, resilience, and success.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Founder & CEO Aisha Taylor Issah and her team for organizing such a phenomenal event that allowed every attendee and participant to shine. Their dedication and commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs are truly commendable, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Northeast Sistahs in Business community.

To all the attendees, vendors, speakers, and participants—thank you for making the 2024 Northeast Sistahs in Business Expo & Pitch Competition a day to remember. Together, we are unstoppable.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events from Sistahs in Business, and remember, when my sistah wins, we all win!


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