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Royal Soul Inc. Participates In Event At Tyler Perry Studios

Royal Soul was apart of a celebrity gifting suite for the ‘Coming 2 America’ premier

February 15th, 2021.

The team at Royal Soul, Inc., is excited to share that they have participated in a celebrity gifting at Tyler Perry Studios for the ‘Coming 2 America’ premier.

Alma Davis Reid, a black entrepreneur, founded Royal Soul, Inc., to honor and share the Newark, New Jersey graffiti scene with people everywhere through street wear. She says she gave the company its name based upon two meanings. First, her own name, Alma, means “soul”, and she is the fourth person in her family to have the name. The second meaning of her company is “Royalty Comes From The Soul”.

Today, Royal Soul, Inc., has cultivated a stunning line of urban wear with everything from sweatsuits and hoodies to hats and socks with colors and imagery resembling Newark’s renowned graffiti art.

Reid believes that royalty is a mindset and that everyone is royalty, no matter what their race or gender is, and she hopes everyone who wears Royal Soul, Inc., apparel truly feels like royalty.

She is excited to not only represent her company and city at Tyler Perry Studios, but also to symbolize black owned businesses everywhere.

“Ever since I was a child, my mom and grandmother always instilled in me to support black owned businesses,” said Reid. “I cherished and understood how important it was to my people. Now, I have become one of those entrepreneurs. Whenever I am given the opportunity to display my creativity through my business, it’s truly amazing.”

‘Coming 2 America’ is the sequel to the smash hit ‘Coming To America’ and features a blockbuster cast including Tracy Morgan and Eddie Murphy. The movie made it's first public debut in March 2021.

Royal soul will also be gifting to Kris Jenner and the Kardashian/Jenner siblings at a yet to be detailed business conference in March.

More information about Reid and her brand can be found at

About Royal Soul, Inc.

Royal Soul, Inc., is a streetwear brand founded by Alma Davis Reid. Each piece of apparel has been inspired by Newark, New Jersey’s renowned graffiti scene.


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