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“Go and spread your wings if you believe you can fly up,”

Black Bird by Shelly Ferrell, produced by ChefSlam, embodies confidence and liberation. Inspired by The Beatles Black Bird, Shelly was able to take this song and make it to an uplifting and motivating song during times of duress.

Inspired by the strife of being black in a society that connotates dark skin with negativity, Shelly makes sure to use her voice and talents to show the complete opposite. She uses this platform to ask why black people are seen as an omen, especially now when black people are fighting for their freedom and rights as humans. She encourages for any person of color to claim their freedom and chase whatever dream they may have, if you have a dream then you owe it yourself to chase it. In the face of adversity, Shelly advises listeners that being a person of color does not mean “we are an omen.” Black people and people of color are owed their reparations, so this is a call to claim it. “We are meant to be free, you just have to believe you can fly.” This song is meant to spark that fire in you, let it be your catalyst for change.

Shelly Ferrell also shows that she is not someone to be boxed into a certain style of music or label. She shows that as a lyricist she can also hop onto a beat that is playful and uplifting while still having a message. Hoping to be an impactful artist Shelly Ferrell, wants for her listeners to understand that it is okay to think and speak differently. She would like to be an artist that can appeal to different thinkers 20 years down the line.

“This song is dedicated to all my warriors that are overcoming all of their fears and taking that risk that will change their lives for the better – this ones for you lets get it!”

You can find Shelly Ferrell on all platforms.


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