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At Lucid Media Blog, we explore the local New Jersey music scene and find gems in the rough. One such gem is DJKURLXXX, a versatile DJ and artist from South Jersey. Today, we'll explore his roots, musical origins, influences, opinions on music trends, and noteworthy performances and get a sneak peek into his upcoming projects.


The Vibe Curator on the Dance Floor

DJKURLXXX is not just a DJ with a knack for UGK and Jersey Club but a vibe curator and dance floor scientist. Whether orchestrating the beats or seamlessly blending into the crowd, his mission is clear—to create and cherish unforgettable moments. His passion for his art sets the stage for a distinctive and captivating musical experience.

Roots and Musical Genesis

DJKURLXXX was born in Trenton, the capital of New Jersey. He spent his early life on a farm, which gave him a unique blend of urban and rural experiences. Growing up surrounded by nature and animals, he developed a deep appreciation for the organic and diverse, thanks to his mother's involvement with horses. DJKURLXXX's musical journey started when he was around 12-13 years old, experimenting with friends and recording vocals using nothing more than gaming headsets. In high school, he began his solo career and debuted his tracks on SoundCloud.

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Artistic Influences

DJKURLXXX's artistic journey was kick-started by the groundbreaking Tyler The Creator. As his musical horizons expanded, he found inspiration in the experimental sounds of 100gecs, the infectious beats of DJ Assault, the soulful melodies of Stonie Blue, and the collaborative energy of friends like Bigmac from The Void Basement. These influences shaped his musical style and encouraged him to embrace self-expression on the stage.

Embracing Music Trends

Regarding recent music trends, DJKURLXXX is an avid supporter of the rage beats that have dominated the music scene in recent years. He also expressed excitement about the increasing popularity of Jersey Club, a genre that has found its way onto dance floors worldwide. As music evolves, he maintains an open-minded approach, appreciating the diversity of expression and innovative ideas artists bring.

DJKURLXXX performing live

DJKURLXXX Performances

DJKURLXXX holds his recent set at the basement show Just Dance in high regard among the string of performances. (If you've ever thought about hosting a basement show, check out our guide on How to Host a Basement Show) Closing an event for the first time, he delivered an exhilarating hour+ set. Overcoming initial nerves, a sense of focus and energy took over once he hit the stage. The experience was enriched by the presence of friends and the infectious enthusiasm of the crowd, creating an atmosphere that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

The Road Ahead

While DJKURLXXX is currently directing his energy towards perfecting his live performances, he urges fans to stay engaged with his musical journey. His commitment to refining his craft promises exciting musical endeavors. Fans are encouraged to watch his SoundCloud and Instagram profiles for updates and exclusive content.

DJKURLXXX pushes boundaries to create immersive experiences. He attains the audience's energy, making them move their feet with every beat drop. With a commitment to self-expression and an open-minded approach to musical trends, DJKURLXXX stands as a dynamic force in music, ready to captivate audiences. Check out his Instagram, follow the journey of a rising artist shaping sound's future, and follow Lucid Media Blog for more.


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