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Impressive Steppin'

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Today's keywords are, "first impressions!"

Let me begin by saying that creating a proper first impression has become a lost art, when considering certain communities and how the men and women interact. The paintbrush which once painted romance at a particular height, has been broken into pieces now considered innumerable. The art of wooing a woman has been drastically distorted, and men (and other women) who approach ladies in this era, have lost their ability to hunt properly. When considering what a "lady" is defined as, the inconsiderate and selfish fellows of this time do not seem to possess the qualities required to court her. Self elevation has put many minds in a space of entitlement & carelessness, and the natural adrenaline to court or pursue a woman is fading with the changing times.

There are matters of importance to note, that cannot be forgotten when a first date is going down. There are keys that you just cannot forget!

She will remember your presence from every angle!

It is insane to believe that a first date outfit, the way you walk towards her, and your expression have no effect. Everything you bring will be mentally recorded! She is immediately gauging your value, your confidence, her possible interest in a second date, and so much more! That outfit needs to be on point! Whether you go casual or formal, ensure to be presentable and well groomed. These things will not be forgotten.

The content of your dialogue matters!

No woman...I repeat, NO woman wants to hear you talk about yourself for the entire date. Even more so, no woman wants to hear you bring up sex every 3 minutes! From out of the heart, the mouth speaks! If you claim to want something romantically serious, and all that comes from your mouth is sexual topics, she will prep herself for her refusal statement. Other than that, keep the dialogue...a dialogue. If it becomes your monologue, she will assume you have no interest in who she is. Therefore, you just killed your chances!

Assume that she sees everything!

She sees how many times you pick up the phone. She's noticed if your eyes leave her face too much, and tend to rest on her chest too often. She's watching the amount of drinks you order for the table. She's paying attention to how you speak to the waiter/waitress, and if you choose to leave a tip. If you make a discouraging face at a comment she made...she saw it. Let that sink in. Work on yourself, and search for the improvement you need internally. If you expect to be committed to a lady of a certain caliber, then you better be a person who will seek to match her energy. may as well lose her number.

One more point...she is going to remember everything!

She'll remember how much you made her laugh, and if you said something degrading towards her. She'll remember if you covered the date or not. She'll remember it all. Yup, she will remember if you smelled like a fine fellow, or a foul gremlin. She will remember the date, and if you truly made her feel like she is the only woman for you. Don't forget this point...she remembers!

That first impression will carve out many opportunities, and then based upon the happenings on your date, you will leave a lasting impression that will be...unforgettable! Ensure that you do everything in your power to woo her properly, and create a hope for magic in her eyes. Do not become just another example, who she will label as a person who needs to be forgotten!

This has been a caring & hopeful message from your love writer,

@--%--- Jose V. Wright, Jr.


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