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"Hug Me, Heal Me"

"When the body is in fight or flight, the sympathetic nervous system is activated. This activation is the body’s involuntary response to dangerous or stressful situations. In this state, various hormones generate a response that includes elevated heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels, all in the name of helping you fight or flee from danger.

Modern lifestyles impose a degree of stress on the mind and body via chemical, emotional, and physical stressors. Being in a constant state of sympathetic domination has dramatic effects on the body. Chronic low-lying stress levels can result in an array of symptoms, including low energy, insomnia, frequent colds, low libido, headaches, irritability, and more.

Physical intimacy, like hugs, cuddling, holding hands, and kissing, can help bring the body out of a sympathetic dominant state and into the parasympathetic (the “rest and digest”). [4] The link between hugs and stress reduction is the vagus nerve, which is activated by pressure receptors on our bodies. The vagus nerve is stimulated, which carries a cascade of relaxation hormones in your body, thus reducing blood pressure, heart rate, and increases sensations of calm and security. [5]" -

Photo credit: The Noun Project (retrieved via Google)

Human touch can save life

Ever heard the expression "thick thighs save lives?" In one instance it may seem as a humorous, but suggestive innuendo. In another context, understanding the power that touch possesses, that may actually be quite literal. I know the fellas would understand the statement I am about to make. NOTHING replaces the warmth and comfort that is felt, when you lay your head on a woman's lap. Then, she suddenly begins to caress the side of your face that is in her direction. It gets better, when she bends down and gives you that light kiss on your cheek or head. You might as well have been kissed by the angelic hosts of the heavenly throng.

When you fully grip and embrace your partner, you can literally feel the security blanket swooping over your spirit. The scent of their cologne/perfume splashes into your nostrils, and starts to ram into the pleasure receptors in your brain. The softness of their skin tap dances on your common sense, and everything that pointed towards a negative concern melts away (even if for but a few moments). Touch takes hold of the stress, and evicts it from your entire body!


- Hug tightly the people who mean a lot to you.

- Know that as human beings, we thrive on connections of all forms. However, it is a touch that is known to heal.

- Appreciate these gestures! People were always finicky about touching other people, but COVID tremendously intensified that fact.

Give someone a hug today if you can, and remember to bond close. Don't be shy...get a little bit closer!

Your love writer & gentleman,

Jose V. Wright, Jr.


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