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Georgia officer who called inmate on suicide watch a “crazy N-word” fired

A Georgia corrections officer has been terminated for using a racial slur against an inmate on suicide watch a racial slur.

The incident occurred in front of another correctional officer as well as several inmates. Gregory Hubert Brown called the inmate a “crazy N-word,” according to Sheriff Victor Hill.

According to credible records, this is the third time that Brown has been terminated from a correctional facility in the last 10 years. In the year 2010, he was let go from the Coweta County Prison for “workplace violence,” after two years of employment.

Brown reportedly got into a “heated verbal and physical encounter” with another officer who directed him to finish filling information for an inmate count form. Once the information was completed, he allegedly told the other officer, “If you ever jump in my shit again, I will tear your fucking head off of your shoulders. You are not a corporal or a sergeant.”

Then, it is alleged that Brown walked “aggressively” towards the officer and pushed him in the chest, in front of two other officers. An appeal was filed, but was denied.

About one year later, he was recruited as a jail officer at the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. In the year 2012, he was terminated yet again, for locking his colleagues inside cells with the inmates thrice, when they were conducting cell checks.

NBC says Brown also tried to “open two segregation cell doors at the same time without being instructed to do so” and he “used an emergency override to open two section doors ‘without proper justification.’”

According to the case summary, his official reason for termination was listed as “unsatisfactory performance during his probationary work period.”

Clayton County Sheriff’s Office rehired Brown in 2013.


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