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Fallible Date Fears

Date Night Matching Outfits (found via Pinterest)

What is your reasoning?

You get nervous when you're about to head to this date, and you've got this FINE being, who is anxiously waiting to see you later on. There are honest questions that need to be asked here. Too often, our initial thoughts on dates have produced seeds of uncertainty, anxiety, and trauma. Why do you think so low about yourself? Why are you so fearful? Why do you automatically believe the person will be disappointed in you?

There is an important concern to note when preparing to date this year. You may have been lying to yourself for a long time, due to tainted minds who wanted to "put a bug in your ear." You're going to have to revise your values & the way you perceive YOU, before successfully dating can be a realistic intention.

  1. You were born more than enough! Sitting with labels like "incomplete" & "undesirable" attached to your mind, will create heavy insecurities that won't be removed easily. You've got to combat the people/things that influence character deterioration! You're greater than you believe you are, so walk in that confidence. It will bring about more worthy scenarios in romance.

  2. Stop overthinking!! I do this one a lot...seriously. You are NOT alone when this step is considered. I also overthink, and we must be weary to refrain from this issue. We ruin ourselves even before engaging with the person who is on the date with us. Every new experience is not a reflection of an old one. You don't have to imagine your date cheating instantly, because they chose to pick up their phone (even though phones should be down on a date anyway). Not everyone is going to destroy your confidence & see you as a free meal, or a trophy to show off for the day for sake of clout. Enjoy the moment, and be your best self. Be smart and observant too, however, because many snakes do randomly roam in the grass.

  3. Date with a cheerful disposition/approach! No one is going to be excited to see you for a second date, if they can't tell that you enjoy their company. If your demeanor gives off the idea that they bore you, or you're not really interested (for whatever reason), then they will take that into consideration instantly. YOU WILL LOSE THEM sooner than you might believe.

You can genuinely find enjoyment this year while dating, when you see yourself and your atmosphere the way you should. The more your days pass and the weeks run to the end of the month, the more you should present more confidence and expectancy. You will win in romance shortly, but your attitude and mindset must agree!

This has been a moment for your nurturing, and a letter of concern......

your favorite, chocolate & baked, love writer....

Jose V. Wright, Jr.


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