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Welcome Spring: 5 Springtime Makeup Looks

Spring is here, and pastels are in. Now is the time to spring into the season with your best

makeup looks. Feel free to get as creative as you'd like or as simple as you please.

Soft Glam

Source: Pinterest

You could never go wrong with a soft, glam look. The light shade of pink blended with a slightly darker pink at the crease allows for a simplistic yet elegant look. Pairing this look with a pink blush and lip pulls it together nicely and is great for the springtime.

Pastel Lid

Source: Pinterest

Springtime calls for pastel looks. This eye look will bring that pop of color you desire for the season. You'll need your favorite pastel eyeshadow palette to create a similar look. Start by applying a pastel purple shadow on the lid and a teal shadow in the corner. Do the same for the other eye, and repeat this process underneath the waterline. This time start with the teal shadow and finish with the purple.

Glittery Lid

Source: Pinterest

Shimmery eyeshadow is a great way to draw attention to your eyes. The shiny pigments within the shadow allow for the dimension you crave in an eye look. This look not only uses glittery shadows, but also a pastel yellow eyeliner on the waterline, which makes the look pop even more. The blend of pink and yellow screams spring.


Source: Pinterest

Florals are essential in the springtime. If you are up for a challenge, recreate this floral-inspired look. Like the first image, you can start with a pastel base and draw tiny flowers around the eyelid. You could do a floral cut crease like the second image, or you could even do a completed winged liner. Get creative with this one and make it your own!

White Wing

Source: Pinterest

Adding a white liner to your eyelid's inner and outer corners can enhance your eye look. You'll need any spring-colored shadow for the base to recreate this look. This look calls for pink and purple shadows, but you can always switch it to your liking. Using a white liner on the waterline will make the eye look more noticeable, in addition to the white mascara on the bottom lashes.

We hope these makeup looks make your heart bloom. Let us know which makeup looks you will be trying this spring.


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