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We Are Jersey Magazine July 2021 Issue: Strong; Jersey Made Edition

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

We Are Jersey Magazine's July 2021 Issue is hot off the press and stacked with talented individuals who are reinventing the definition of success for years to come, the Jersey Way. Inside you can catch AvidFeature, Snatched Agency, Alma Rosa, Macc McCray, Primetime, in addition to exclusive 2021 updates with Chad Piff, Unicorn, and Scott Paul! Regardless of where you are from, and which county you represent, come and get your fix. Don't forget to subscribe and share as we keep the community and networking going among all the talent you read about.

Physical Copies are available for purchase as well as digital.

Don't forget to shop at your favorite black owned independent streetwear store by visiting Also visit Primetime at

Both are opening in July 2021 at Menlo Park Mall.


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