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WAJ Entrepreneur Spotlight: Taylor, Founder of iWhiten

Taylor, the founder of iWhiten, has had a truly inspiring entrepreneurship journey. Her passion for teeth and smiles, instilled in her by her mother who was a dental hygienist, led her to pursue a career in dental hygiene. However, she always wanted more and saw an opportunity to create a separate business focused on teeth whitening.

With over 15 years of experience in the dental field, Taylor had seen and used various teeth whitening products. She knew exactly what to look for in choosing the right products for people with different types of stains and sensitivities. This knowledge and expertise became the foundation for iWhiten's products. Each teeth whitening gel is infused with Potassium Nitrate, the leading ingredient in sensitive products, ensuring safety for all users.

Additionally, the toothbrushes offered by iWhiten have unique features such as a 2-minute timer and LED bulbs in each head to effectively whiten hard-to-reach stains.

Creating iWhiten was not without its challenges. she had to learn and teach herself the business and behind-the-scenes aspects of running a company, such as building a website, creating an LLC, and navigating the ecommerce world. She admits that trial and error played a significant role in her entrepreneurial journey, and she is constantly learning from her own mistakes.

As the sole owner of iWhiten, the young boss wears multiple hats and faces the challenge of balancing different roles and tasks. However, she stays organized and seeks advice from fellow entrepreneurs to overcome these obstacles. She acknowledges that running a business requires a high level of commitment, but she ensures that she sets aside time for herself and her personal life.

Taking risks and making decisions can be daunting, but it is a necessary part of entrepreneurship. Initially, Taylor sold products from other companies before finally deciding to invest in creating her own product line. This decision turned out to be the best one for her business, as she now proudly offers her own line of oral care products. She emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself and working towards goals to achieve success in business.

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple: find something you are passionate about or excel at, and make it your own. She encourages others to pursue their dreams and work hard, all while finding a healthy work-life balance. Surrounding oneself with motivated and supportive individuals is key to staying self-motivated, and for Taylor, the positive energy and encouragement from her loved ones and colleagues keep her striving for more.

In conclusion, Taylor's entrepreneurship journey is a testament to her passion for oral care and her drive to create a successful business. Through her dedication, knowledge, and willingness to take risks, she has built iWhiten into a thriving brand. Her story serves as an inspiration to others who dream of turning their passions into successful businesses.

Currently iWhiten offers home whitening products such as whitening pens, refill gels, electronic whitening toothbrushes, and more to come! Be sure to check them out at Don't forget to book your appointment today!


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