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NEW MUSIC: Rome856 Releases New Single “Rock N Roll”

“Rock N Roll” by Rome856 is what the kids would call a bop. A catchy song that is able to capture the attention with a stimulating beat, simple lyrics and homage to the classic sounds of Jersey Club. At just 2 minutes long, it’s safe to say the people have this one on repeat with over 2,000+ streams since it’s release on October 25, 2020.

“She wanna rock and roll, she wanna rock, I’m hot, Let’s Rock and Roll”.

The intro starts with the song’s hook and Rome856’s voice at the forefront of a soft instrumental underlay. The beat is at first quite subdued compared to the artist’s lyrics, allowing his voice to stand out above the mix. By incorporating Jersey Club meets trap style, the energy behind “Rock N Roll” is a nice pairing of both soft and energetic. The artist’s lyrics and delivery keep the song high-energy throughout.

“I’m on top, let’s go
Aint gon stop ‘til we in all white gold
Til I cop the Rolls….
I’m gon pop for sure
“Round my way they know I’m hot for sure.”

The melody remains consistent and by the 3rd verse the artist accelerates the song’s sound by using his words to mimic the repetitive nature of Jersey club:

“She wanna rock, rock, rock, rock & roll...She wanna yea, yea, yea, yea, yea…”

While the 5-count of melodic notes plays out in the background, Romeo adlibs softly over the notes, transitioning smoothly back to the song’s hook.

Between the vocals, production and the song’s lyrical content, “Rock N Roll” keeps listeners engaged and

head-bopping from start to finish. ‘Rock N Roll” concludes full circle with

it’s catchy hook, “She wanna rock and roll, she wanna rock, I’m hot, Let’s Rock and Roll”, and honestly, it’s hard not to keep it on repeat.

Stream “Rock & Roll” on all platforms and follow the artist on Instagram @rome856.


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