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Platinum Record Holder and OG Raptor Identity Co-creator, David Strickland Rolls Out 13 Rules

Toronto, On - Award winning music Marketer and Platinum Record Holder and OG Raptor Identity Co-creator, David Strickland will drop the highly anticipated single “13 Rules” September 30th, with artist’s Sheldon Universe, Fab El and Denosh. “13 Rules” is written by Strickland, Sheldon Universe, and Fab El. September 30th also marks the brand launch of Strickland’s new company, 13 Rules Inc. with a special music event, Harmony Rules Fest. The event will bring together special guest artists and OG Toronto Raptors Basketball players. Harmony Rules Fest takes place September 30th at Elgin Park in the city of Uxbridge, Ontario. Strickland’s vision for the music event and upcoming projects, is to bring the history of Basketball to life through music and unite all genres and people. “13 Rules” release begins the journey.

David Strickland is no stranger to the music industry or basketball. In the 90’s, before the Toronto Raptors, Strickland left his positions at CTV to join forces with the Raptors founder, John Bitove to help bring Basketball to Toronto. Strickland went on to become the Raptors Director of consumer products working for Isiah Thomas to secure Raptors Merchandise distribution in 27 Countries before ever playing a game. Strickland has been on the Road and worked with the Rolling Stones and David Bowie, Strickland has also worked on 5 Olympic Games, including the 2010 Vancouver Olympics music project, “I Believe.” with Stephan Moccio and Niki Yanofsky. Strickland was awarded the 1995 Iron Man Award for ALS for the Toronto Raptors, alongside Mike Pinball Clemmons, Ed Sprague and Tod Gill. Along with his acknowledged marketing expertise, music was always in Strickland’s blood.

Strickland is stepping out of the shadows with the release of “13 Rules.” The music producer’s company 13 Rules Inc. will focus on music of all genres and the community history of Basketball to bring communities together. The new single has morphed into an anthem for the new company and Strickland couldn’t be prouder. “13 Rules” makes clear… the journey and the vision are one.

**The Harmony Rules Festival in Uxbridge, September 30th will feature, Country singer/songwriter Leah Daniels, an Uxbridge native and the pop/rock group, Manic Drive. The event will also feature sets by Sheldon Universe and Fab EL, the artists behind the new single “13 Rules”. Harmony Rules Fest will conclude with the premier of the basketball-inspired song, alongside original Toronto Raptor Players.

Singledrops, September 30th on all major music platforms.

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