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NEW VIDEO: Kiamo Releases Amazing New Music Video for ‘Soul of Money Mitch’

Kiamo and beautiful model Chae
Shot by Quentin Filmz

Hot upcoming artist Kiamo has just released a stunning new music video for his track ‘Soul of Money Mitch’. The incredible artist has been dropping some solid tracks lately and this latest release continues to show his dedication and passion towards his artistic creations. Music is to the soul what words are to the mind, and Kiamo’s creations are pure energy and talent combined. ‘Soul of Money Mitch’ is a single off Kiamo's latest album titled "The Notorious Way”, which is available on all the major music streaming platforms now.

The music video for ‘Soul of Money Mitch’ is inspired by the hustle, strive and ambition of a character called "Money Mitch" off the movie ‘Paid in Full’. The visuals start off with the ravishingly gorgeous model ‘Chae’ and rap-star Kiamo who appear in a classic convertible. Kiamo starts off with his awe-inspiring music and delivers it with elegance and style. The video also features guest appearances of ‘Dj Thoro’ from ‘Thisis50’, upcoming brands ‘Big City Hookah’, ‘Ghetto Angelz’, and many more. Directed by Quentin Filmz & Po, the video is amazingly eye-catchy and has some addictive beats that complement Kiamo’s music.

Kiamo’s style of music is as unique as his personality, which can mesmerize you and take you into a whole new dimension of melody and rhythm in each track. Regardless if it is the catchy lyrics or the beats that sync into the rhythm of our bodies, Kiamo sure knows how to make people fall in love with his music! Having been featured on some major music platforms like ‘ThisIs50’, ‘The Source Magazine’, ‘MTV’, ‘Hot 97’, ‘Vlad TV’, ‘Hype Magazine’, ‘World Star hip-hop’, ‘Hip-hop Weekly Magazine’ and many more, he truly has shown the competition that he will not rest as he keep dropping banger after banger.

Born and brought up in Passaic, New Jersey, Kiamo is an inspiring independent recording artist and entrepreneur on the rise who believes that his music can bring a change and affect millions of lives positively. As music can give hope, inspiration, and motivation to chase your dreams and desires. He strives to be a better version of himself every day and continues to hone his craft and skills. Music has been a part of his life since the beginning, and Kiamo wants to change the world and show people that legends have no time and they have no age.

With pure talent, passion and dedication, this phenomenal artist is definitely someone who you should look out for in the music industry. With a remarkable music career, Kiamo is truly one of a kind, and his music is bound to get you up and charged ready to face life and all its challenges.

So go ahead and experience his sensational music and dwell into a whole new world of exquisite harmony.

Check out the music video for ‘Soul of Money Mitch’ here -

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