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Money Gripp follows in the footsteps of Brooklyn greats

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Thriving in the 2021 music scene is Hip-Hop, whose popularity, global revenue, and impact are at an all-time high. Most of the artists who headline concerts, festivals, and club performances are rap artists.

Hip-Hop is the most ambitious music genre globally. It is imparted in multiple music categories, including country. Hip-Hop is a music phenomenon cutting across different races.

Influencing different cultures across the globe, rap music revolutionizes pop culture, television, social economics, and fashion. It educates and empowers the youth. It inspires the youth culture to think beyond their expected limitations.

The Origin of Hip-Hop Music

Beat boxing and break dancing is where rap music started before becoming a multi-billion industry.

This music genre originated from New York’s block parties. And it was inspired by the pain black people went through, and also by their musical mastery and passion.

Rap music has converted young, black, and seriously talented people into millionaires and billionaires.

It also churns out super-rich black business tycoons, who later come up with multimillion-dollar brands.

Introducing Money Gripp

Recording Artist and Multi-platform Entrepreneur Money Gripp represents the rawness of Hip-Hop, creative mastery, mass appeal, and fearless rebellion. He represents the hustle, grind, and Brooklyn swag.

Money Gripp’s life story threatens the average person because his life journey comprises extreme police corruption, drug-infested street corners, gang violence, systemic racism, Brooklyn, Hip-Hop, and New York Love.

Driving past the fork in the road, Money Gripp remained in the same lane towards his Hip-Hop destiny. His broad music collection keeps attracting fans, listeners, and critics across the continent. Money Gripp understands that less than 2% of aspiring artists grow to Hip-Hop immortality.

Money Gripp’s Business and Achievements

Listing his achievements, he launched a multimedia business that comprises a TV/Film division, clothing line, footwear line, and global merchandise sector. Money Gripp understands that the industry is full of questionable business executives, backdoor deals, and one-sided contracts.

His music movement is growing in 2021 and naturally building a regular fan base. Money Gripp understands the high risk and high rewards within Hip-Hop’s business model. And he doesn’t wait a second in his pursuit of rap glory.

He signed a strategic music monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS, a company that enhances human growth monetization solutions for entrepreneurs or artists.


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