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LUI Leads The Summer With New EP

New Jersey newcomer LUI is a booming bilingual breakout artist who’s breaking language barriers and hits! Leading Latin trap with his unique yet versatile sound, the emerging emcee produces and pursues his passion with a powerful vision vivid enough to inspire the world.

Hitting the Hip-Hop industry hard with his boastful bilingual bars, LUI takes the music scene by storm with his latest EP, Graduation: The American Dream. Stacked with six sizzling singles, his newest musical masterpiece highlights his unmatched talent. Proudly picking up after the prosperity of his previous projects, LUI returns with his most recent release to set the Summer standard.

LUI Leads The Summer With New EP, Graduation: The American Dream

LUI enters the Latin Hip-Hop/Trap chat with his lyrically leading independent release, Graduation: The American Dream. In fact, Graduation: The American Dream offers a distinct blend of motivational bars and compelling production, resulting in an alive atmosphere that will keep you absorbed from beginning to end. LUI's stylishly raw raps, paired with the pungent production of Hip Hop laced with Latin Trap lyricism, he authentically displays his self-made skillset. In doing so, he highlights his artistic ability to build creative yet captivating sounds that are making waves within the industry.

The project starts off with a sense of tranquility through the project's lead single “Twice”. It instantly loops listeners into a trance as the Hip hop elements hit with an underlying subtle base as LUI’s catchy cadence effortlessly catches the beat. Moving into a more Drill-heavy hit, “Mota” makes you get on your feet with its hard hitting base and reggaeton rhythms. Next up, “It’s A Mood” sets the tone for the summer with subtle drums and guitar play paired with an island influence. Leading into the end of the project, LUI lets listeners in on some inspiring lyricism with “LoveUnderstandInspire”. He lets it be known that there’s no space for nothing other than love, understanding, and inspiration. But, before the Graduation: The American Dream wraps up, LUI brings a banger with the enticing and energetic “LUI Kang Kick” embedded with elements of hip-hop and his hard hitting rhymes.

Additionally, LUI's resonant songwriting is nicely complemented by the EP's artwork, while the melodious production sets the stage for listeners to nod along to the addictive beats. After encountering Graduation: The American Dream, it's evident that LUI has been on a never-ending drive to prove himself, silencing naysayers with his raw and rich rhymes, seamless flow, and undeniable talent.

The trailblazing talent’s passion to professionally pursue and hone his craft has resulted in over 1 million streams across all major music platforms. Not only has he reached this monumental milestone, but he has also built a devoted fanbase of dedicated listeners who are genuinely invested in his artistry through his innovative and interactive lyrics and infectious releases. Nonetheless, each stream reflects a point in time when LUI's talent had an unforgettable impact on countless people's lives, captivating hearts and ears, while inspiring minds all around the world.

Maintaining momentum and moving the masses, beyond the numbers, LUI's music breaks barriers and brings people from all walks of life together through the universal language of music. It has the ability to elicit a wide spectrum of feelings, offering solace, joy, and inspiration to listeners all around the world. As a result, LUI comes closer to becoming a household name with every release, leaving a lasting impression on the industry.

What's Next?

Overall, prepare yourself for Hip Hop's future. LUI's Graduation: The American Dream is set to arrive Summer 2023. Don't miss out on this incredible artist's meteoric ascension as he’s an artist to watch in 2023. For now, get familiar with LUI and join him on his trip while we witness the power of his music unfold. Press play on his dynamic discography including trendy track titled, "Twice" as we anxiously await his highly anticipated drop, Graduation: The American Dream. Lastly, let us know what you think here at WAJ Magazine!



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