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JUMGENT represents the last of a dying breed of self-manifested hustlers

Dallas Brooks, aka Recording Artist/Entrepreneur JUMGENT, represents the last of this dying breed in the ever-diminishing breed of self-manifest hustlers we are witnessing today. As a child, JUMGENT was born into a world where the conventional luxuries of life were never available to him, thanks to the unconventional circumstances under which he was conceived.

It is a harrowing experience to grow up in the trenches of Black America in the United States of America. In today's society, black youth face many challenges, such as navigating through a Vegas-rigged justice system, systemic racism, and the invisible glass ceiling, which can seem like a maze to them.

Hip-Hop creates a bridge between poverty and generational wealth. Regarding psychological influence, rap culture is the most powerful force on earth known to mankind. The passion and power of Hip-Hop music is what drives Dallas Brooks, aka JUMGENT to fulfill his vision without compromise in life.

Entrepreneurship has played a significant role in JUMGENT's success. As an entrepreneur, he has been able to create his own path and build his own success. He believes that entrepreneurship is a way for black youth to achieve financial freedom and break free from the cycle of poverty. Through his entrepreneurship, JUMGENT has been able to create a platform for himself and other black entrepreneurs to succeed.

JUMGENT's impact on Hip-Hop culture cannot be overstated. He has used his music to tell his story and to inspire others to overcome the obstacles that hold them back.

JUMGENT illuminates North Carolina's soul and raw ambitious energy. HE walks the streets of North Carolina with his head high and without fear. In 2023, JUMGENT represents the last of a dying breed of self-manifested hustlers.


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