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IAMSYFYX enters 2022 with a laser focused music vision

The power of belief

Believing in yourself during life’s darkest and most vulnerable moments defines a person’s survival skills. Doubt is a cloud that never leaves a person’s universe, and only unshakeable faith subsides it. Hesitancy is an emotion that is extremely difficult to control and balance.

Overthinking life-changing moves is a public bear-trap people fall into every day. The distance between destiny and reality is immeasurable. Chasing the impossible requires a beast-mode mentality, iron-stomach, lionhearted energy, and incomparable belief in oneself.

Pressure is a privilege if you understand God’s plan for yourself. 99% of people within a person’s inner circle will never understand or believe in their vision. The power of belief shields a person from the arrows of doubt and trepidation.

IAMSYFYX understands his time is now

IAMSYFYX’s life story is filled with unconditional love, Hip-Hop, unbreakable family bonds, incarceration, social injustice, and block dreams. IAMSYFYX’s rap music personifies his ability to translate painful images of reality into aspirational Hip-Hop poetry. IAMSYFYX’s multi-diverse rap delivery and meticulous vocal control trademark his flow.

Being from the bottom of the map, IAMSYFYX understands every move counts. IAMSYFYX never allows fear to be a motivation. Staying committed to God’s plan requires ‘No Plan B.’ IAMSYFX movement is now activated in 2022.


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