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Derrick T Lewis embraces his passion and purpose

Photo Credit: Derrick T Lewis

Gaining a musical skill is intellectually therapeutic. It makes many feel like they are supernatural or even immortal. The artist may appear ordinary in a room, but can showcase their artistic abilities once in the recording booth. The ability you need to write inspirational lyrics to is out of this world. Most people consume music for inspiration, psychological motivation, dreams, and life direction. Musical influence will allow people to experience extra levels in their lives, and others will be encouraged to do the same.

The Inspiration

Inspiring stories like that of Derrick T. Lewis can keep you going. His driving force is the search for greatness throughout his life. His mother was an amazing top singer of “The Pretenders.” His father, a key member of “The Drifters,” gave him an unmatched level of ambition and his ‘championship DNA.’


According to IMDB, Derrick T. Lewis featured in over 20 TV and movies. Some of the top TV shows he has featured in include ‘Perfect Murder’ and other blockbuster movies.

The COVID Effect

During the COVID pandemic, he had to pause his music career and focus on his growth. 2020 was undoubtedly a year of handling challenges, rocking big events, and transmuting scenarios. Derrick T. Lewis capitalized on this moment in his role as a critical thinker and a historian of American history.

Latest Work

Moving on from the difficult moments of 2020, Derrick has new projects out. His latest work, ‘Every Second (Make It Count),’ reflects a rich and versatile musical background. The project marks the beginning of a new phase in Derrick’s life and gives the world hope for what he sings. His label “Lew Siete Music” handles the distribution of the work. Derrick is a Global Advocate of RESULTSANDNOHYPE and RADIOPUSHERS. RADIOPUSHERS is a top global music monetization company for growing Indie artists and a distinguished branding agency in North America.


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