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Celebrity Stylist Pilar Scratch Shares her Fashion Journey with Adrianna Lea

From SCRATCH to 7x Award-Winning Celebrity Fashion Designer: Pilar Scratch's son, River Mason, sits down with his mother Pilar Scratch and Adrianna Lea to discuss how they created one of the most inspiring success stories coming out of New Jersey today.

Award Winning Celebrity Stylist Pilar Scratch and River Mason for New Jersey Magazine publication WAJ Magazine, photography by LacQuan Scott

Pilar Scratch is a celebrity fashion designer, TV personality, author, momager, and editor-in-chief (Fashion Gxd Magazine) who has won 7 awards for her work in the fashion industry. Her son, River Mason, is an actor and model who has also authored a book. In this interview, they discuss how they became one of the most inspiring success stories today coming from Essex County, New Jersey. Pilar Scratch discusses becoming a celebrity fashion designer: "It was something that just sort of happened. I worked hard and designed clothes that celebrities wanted to wear. Then all of a sudden, I was dressing some of the biggest names in Hollywood."

Pilar Scratch discusses teaching River Mason humility: "I think it's important to be humble no matter what your profession is. "

Pilar Scratch discusses being a Jill of all trades: "I like to call myself a Jill of all trades because I do a little bit of everything. I'm a momager, meaning I manage my son's career as well as my own. I'm also an author and an editor-in-chief."

Pilar Scratch discusses facing adversity: "There have been plenty of times when things haven't gone my way or when someone has told me no. But I've never given up on my dreams and I've always kept going."

River Mason and Pilar Scratch discuss what its like to be first-time authors: "It was definitely a learning experience," says River Mason. "My mom taught me a lot about the writing process and how to put together a book." Pilar Scratch adds, "It was definitely a labor of love." They prove that anything is possible if you never give up on your dreams and continue to work hard. Their story is one that will resonate with people from all walks of life.


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