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Y2K is IN

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The rise of Y2K fashion has recycled trends from early 2000 bringing back bubble-gum colours, chunky footwear and bold accessories. Y2K captures the mix of pop culture and retro technology, when flip phones were hot. Early 2000's has made a come back, with social media like Tik Tok and Instagram popularising the fashion movement with vast style inspiration featuring blush pink, baby tee’s, all fitting into modern day looks.

Tik Tok: bb.faith_

Tik Tok: bb.faith_

Model Faith Rodriguez has a versatile style but regularly rocks Y2K trends, wearing pop colours, heavy pendants, low rise pants, matching sets, expressing this trend flawlessly.

Model: Faith Rodriguez

Photographer: LacQuan Scott

Versace’s Fall/Winter Collection created nostalgia with their chunky platform shoes. Twitter users commented that the Versace Fall/Winter Collection 2021 had a similar aesthetic to the infamous 2000’s Bratz Doll.

Versace spring

The resemblance is uncanny, pop colours and chunky platform shoes were the rave in early 2000's.

bratz doll

SZA and Lori Harvey have also been spotted wearing Y2K trends, rocking low rise jeans and white crop tops, a Y2k staple.

SZA, Lori Harvey

Beyond fashion, Pantone’s Color of the Year has further confirmed the popularity of the Y2K trend, with their release of ‘Very Peri’, a delicate blue violet mix that reminisces on vintage pop-culture. This color is expected to be seen more throughout the year in fashion, art and mediums of design and creativity.

Pantone Color, Very Peri

Ultimately, Y2K fashion is the big wave that’s here to stay. Baby tees and baggy jeans have become the wardrobe staples, and the vast use of social media apps will only evolve this trend into the next generation.


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