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Catch the Ear Bug This Summer and Discover Some 🔥

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

The hot upcoming artist Sai visits the studio talking about his music and letting us take a closer look at the mysterious Saisen. Find out why we had to make him the cover for July.


Meet The Writers

Getting “Fixed” on Sade

One of our original writers that comes from NJ itself!Sade is ½ of the team at the podcast called ‘The Lyrical Fix’ which also features Kid Pro. They get deeper into all things music and industry related, as well as life, relationships, and other things to ramble about.

Part of her talent as a writer is knowing how to make artists shine in so many ways beyond promoting their music. She also gives artists an opportunity to showcase their music and talents through her platform Check It Open Mic Night. Stay tuned for updates to see when to come out as well as get put on to talented artists. Go check out some of Sade’s articles on our blog and in the July 2020 issue releasing July 15th at 5PM directly at


Check Out Our Blog!

After months of trial and error on how we can bring you news and stories quicker, we decided to create a space just for the “in between stories”. As being a bi-monthly magazine there are tons of stories, artists, and updates that we miss out on. Now, thanks to our sponsors we have an official corner to place all the daily, weekly and monthly stories. Go to

Do you have a feel good story happening around NJ or you are an official source to a major story? Email us


BLM: A Month of Movement

The skin we are in is not a political statement and on August 28, 2020 we get to remind politicians that. The march in Washington, DC for justice and equality is a month away. We want to know the top 10 things that we can do as a business and 3 things individuals can do every day to keep the momentum alive even past getting our issues resolved in Washington. Visit our official Facebook page to let us know!


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