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We Are Jersey Magazine: Double Cover Issue - The Culture Keepers - Lady Luck and TheArti$t

Celebrate Jersey's finest with our exclusive Double Cover Issue featuring TheArti$t & Lady Luck!

This powerhouse duo is making waves across the state, and we're giving them their flowers in this special edition magazine.

Inside, you'll discover:

In-depth cover stories with TheArti$t & Lady Luck by Minnee Martinez

Features on movers and shakers of the NJ scene, like Gloves Up, Gunz Down founders WhiteMike and Max, Desiree Peterkin Bell, Shanique Taliaferro

Tennyson Donyea, and more!

Eye-catching photography and creative direction by LacQuan Scott

This commemorative issue is available in digital and print formats!

Digital: Read it instantly on any device.

Print: A high-quality collector's item, perfect for any Jersey enthusiast.

Order yours today and celebrate the Garden State's vibrant culture by visiting


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