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TopTier releases "Qualli"

“Qualli” by TopTier

TopTier, also known as TT(TopTier), is a Black and White self-described hip hop-pop-trap duo. They live by the mantra “DIFFRNT. UNTY. TICKT.,” and so does their music. Their songs are upbeat, have endless swagger, and make you want to go to the club right now. They describe themselves as embodying peace, love, persistence, and hard work—hard work which has paid off in the form “Qualli,” their newest single dropping on April 2, 2021.

IgnoVa’s contemporary, lyrical rapping, paired with MC’s melodic voice, are a recipe for the perfect summer song. What sets TT(TopTier) apart is their ability to successfully combine pop with hip hop and trap; this ability earned the duo international recognition, from the Netherlands to the UK, with their very first single “Thousand Times,” which garnered over 80k views on YouTube. With “Qualli,” they’ve done it again.

The track begins with a harmonic synth, and what almost sounds like someone singing along; it then launches with a resonating and danceable beat. The lyrics are simple and straightforward (“She got that qualli on her), which may seem like a negative for some; however, in this case, it makes the song great for parties, as everyone can sing along.

Throughout the track, IgnoVa and MC rap and croon to the beat of a steady and pulsating drum. Interacting and echoing synths, interspersed throughout the song, keep the vibe upbeat and contemporary.

“Qualli” begs to be played on repeat because it is so energetic. When this song plays, you can’t help but bob your head and move your shoulders to the beat. It encourages confidence, it encourages naughtiness, and it encourages debauchery—in all the best ways. Coming out just in time for summer, it feels like the perfect song to play at a pool party, house party, or club...essentially, anywhere there is fun and dancing, this song will fit in perfectly.

Having performed throughout the US tri-state area, TT(TopTier) is destined for great things. IgnoVa, who considers himself a contemporary rapper with a melodic touch from the past, delivers his rhymes with confidence and style. Similarly, MC draws his inspiration from both classic and recent chart toppers, and sings with conviction and grace.


From opening for renowned band Metro Station to performing at Philadelphia’s Voltage Lounge and New Jersey’s Stanhope House, TT(TopTier) has plenty of experience under their belt. This experience is not limited to live performances—they also write and produce their own music. “From start to finish, we have full agency over our craft. Let the baker bake the bread,” singer MC said in an interview with New Jersey Stage.

“DIFFRNT. UNTY. TICKT.” is TT(TopTier)'s mantra for life and music; their passion for combining life and music is evident in everything they do, from their energetic live performances to their cleanly produced songs. In an interview with the Hudson Reporter, rapper IgnoVa stated that “The TT (TopTier) mentality is the only way to approach not only music, but every endeavor you face.” Through this thought process, TT(TopTier) encourages all their listeners to have confidence and swagger in everything they do, from music to life.

IG Handle: @toptiermusicofficial


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