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Top 20 Places To Visit in New Jersey

New Jersey is representative of the diverse cities of the United States, with its beautiful surroundings and moderate temperatures. It has many impressive tourist attractions and gives new life to the city: from beautiful beaches to comfortable sunbathing, from thrilling rides on roller coasters to museums for all kinds of exploration, from the hustle and bustle of the piers to the crowds of casinos. This coming June, New Jersey will be at the height of its tourist season. New Jersey's unique and beautiful scenery is suitable for all kinds of people and families to visit. In this post, I will list 20 places to visit in New Jersey for your reference.

1. Jersey City Skyline

In Jersey City Skyline, you can see the famous and immortal symbol of America - the Statue of Liberty. In addition to the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty State Park is also a good viewing environment where you can see skyscrapers and various modern buildings and facilities that are symbols of America's development. The iconic Hudson River Waterfront Walkway is a relaxing stroll along the river, and many travelers come here for this reason.

2. Ocean City

Ocean City is a famous resort town with miles of beaches and a boardwalk of restaurants, stores, and hotels. At the south end of the boardwalk, Trimper's Rides has been home to theme park attractions for decades. The surrounding waters are alive with kayaks and tour boats. Here you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy a rare moment of warmth with your family.

3. Atlantic City Pier and Boardwalk

The Atlantic City Pier is located on the boardwalk of Atlantic City's North Beach, just steps from the casino resort and miles of beautiful New Jersey beaches. Since its inception in 1898, its beautiful scenery has attracted thousands of travelers to stop by and visit. Here, you can see the stars at night, enjoy shows and participate in activities. There is a scenic Ferris wheel that overlooks the city and offers excellent views of the city, the ocean, and unique sunsets.

4. Cape May

Cape May is a city and seaside resort at the tip of the Cape May Peninsula in southern New Jersey. As one of the best-preserved beaches on the Mid-Atlantic Coast, Cape May has preserved most of its Victorian homes, creating a unique landscape. For example, the Emlen Physick Estate, now a museum, retains its Victorian interiors. The Washington Street Mall is located on three pedestrianized blocks of Washington Street with stores and restaurants. In addition, the Cape May Lighthouse offers a partial view of the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Ramapo Valley County Reservation

Ramapo Valley County Reservation is a 4,000-acre county park where you can hike along creeks and waterfalls, enjoy unique rivers and woods, and fish and pitch tents in campgrounds. The unique ecology creates a great environment for animals and people alike. There are walks to nearby state forests and parks, and facilities such as canoes, kayaks and rafts to lasso deep into the creeks. The opportunity to get up close and personal with nature can't be beaten!

6. Seven Mile Beach, Stone Harbor

This is a barrier island off the Atlantic coast. The coast is home to some of the most wooded beaches and the wood is of the highest quality, with species such as oak and red cedar. It is known as a coastal paradise with clear unspoiled waters, protected sand dunes and wildlife sanctuaries. One can feel the unique ecological atmosphere on this coast. One can experience the charm of the coast as one basks in the sun or sails through the island as if it were a vacationer's paradise.

7. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is an unforgettable scenic spot. It includes forested mountains, grassy beaches, and the Dingmans Creek Trail through Hemlock Canyon to the towering Dingmans Falls, where you can see the life source flowing in a completely different way. The unspoiled landscape offers a unique experience of a society untouched by man, and it's worth the trip to be in the company of such beautiful scenery!

8. Island Beach State Park

Island Beach State Park is a 3,000-acre state park in New Jersey with nearly 10 miles of sandy beaches, extensive coastline, dense maritime forests, rolling sand dunes, and tidal marshes. One of the few undeveloped barrier islands, it still welcomes activities, including fishing, swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. Those who visit here often spend long hours enjoying the pristine beaches, the sunset, and the sound of the waves as they fall asleep.

9. Wildwood Beach

Everyone feels relaxed when it comes to Wildwood Beach because everything you want in a vacation experience is here. On a 5-mile island, you can relax on the spacious, free white sandy beach or explore 38 blocks of the world-famous boardwalk. From gourmet food to sweet treats, you'll have everything you've dreamed of all year long. This is Wildwood Beach, the premier resort town on New Jersey's southern coast, capable of providing the most lively fun and excitement for families.

10. Asbury Park

Asbury Park is a small beach town on the New Jersey shore. It is known for its sandy shores and waterfront boardwalk filled with stores, arcades, and cafes. It is a small, culturally rich city with many stores and cafes with a vintage vibe. In addition to endless sandy beaches, fabulous surfing, and endless fun, you'll find it's also a vibrant place to visit - with eclectic restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and more, it's a different kind of relaxation and fun for those who come to visit.

11. Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

If you're a birdwatcher, you can't miss the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, a national wildlife refuge located in southern New Jersey along the Atlantic coast. It protects more than 47,000 acres of southern New Jersey coastal habitat and wetlands. Here, you can observe over 300 species of birds. The interaction of these beautiful, exotic, and often rare birds with humans provides a unique experience.

12. Jenkinson's Boardwalk

If you have kids, you can't miss Jenkinson's Boardwalk, where you can find the purest joy and fun of summer and exhaust yourself doing what you love to do. You can always find activities for your own family excursion from the aquarium to the arcade. There is also an aquarium where you can watch marine life from penguins to Pacific sharks and learn about their conservation. There are also some exciting rides here, such as the Wave Swinger.

13. Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Amateur geologists will love the Sterling Hill Mining Museum, located in the small town of Ogdensburg and home to some of the richest zinc deposits and famous zinc mines in the world. This famous New Jersey attraction offers a fun scientific adventure as guests embark on an underground mine tour. Along the way, you'll tour old mining equipment, watch drilling and blasting demonstrations, and see walls of green and red zinc ore that have intense fluorescent light - like a rainbow tunnel. The minerals on display in the museum are even worth millions of dollars.

14. Barnegat Lighthouse State Park

The lighthouse is vital to the navigation of coastal vessels traveling to and from New York along the New Jersey coastline. part of the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. Birding enthusiasts often gather here to observe the birds' spring and fall migrations. In addition, fishing is a popular pastime in the park - saltwater anglers often catch a variety of fish on the sidewalks of the south jetty. If you can walk a short stretch of the Maritime Forest Trail, you'll experience a completely different kind of coastal charm through this self-guided loop of one of the last remaining marine forests.

15. Paterson Great Falls

Paterson Great Falls was discovered and developed as a classic in 1792. Paterson Great Falls is a unit of the National Park Service and is open to visitors for self-guided outdoor activities and tours. See the falls from Overlook Park or get up close and personal with the splash at Mary Ellen Kramer Park.

16. Lucy the Elephant

When it comes to New Jersey's unique attractions, it's important to mention Lucy the Elephant, a statue of an elephant made entirely of tin and wood that is over 130 years old. Built by James V. Lafferty, the statue weighs 90 tons and is made up of nearly one million pieces of wood. Enter the spiral staircase in her lap and explore the small museum inside, which contains exhibits about Lucy's history. Today, she's a National Historic Landmark. You can even spend the night inside!

17. High Point State Park

High Point State Park is a great choice if you love the outdoors and have a passion for heights. This land was designated as a park in 1923, and guests can climb stairs to the observation deck and look out over the Pocono Mountains to the west, the Catskill Mountains to the north, and the Wallkill River Valley to the southeast. In addition to this, there are opportunities for swimming, fishing, nature hikes with the park's naturalist, and bird watching. There is also an area that is home to the 1.5-mile Cedar Swamp Trail, which takes you through wetlands formed by retreating glaciers more than 15,000 years ago.

18. Monmouth Battlefield State Park

Monmouth Battlefield State Park is one of New Jersey's most educational sites, marking the site of one of the largest battles of the American Revolution. The park now features rolling farmland and hedgerow landscapes, as well as miles of hiking and horseback riding trails. You'll find restored Revolutionary War farmhouses and a visitor center with interesting historical exhibits. Throughout the summer, the park offers a variety of interpretive and educational programs, including nature and history hikes and bird watching walks. In the winter, other snow activities, such as cross-country skiing, are available in the park.

19. Essex County Turtle Back Zoo

If there's one place kids prefer to go, I'd have to vote for the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo. Because here you can meet giraffes, red pandas, sea lions, and jaguars. You can watch the wolves from different angles through the wide glass panels and feel like you are one of the wolves. Don't miss the adorable sea lions near the Penguin Coast exhibit, where they play in the pool and sunbathe on the rocks. Riding the zoo's miniature train, playing miniature golf, riding ponies, and spinning on the carousel are also great options. This is one of New Jersey's best attractions for the whole family.

20. Thomas Edison National Historical Park

If you're interested in history, science, inventions, and nature, you must visit Thomas Edison National Historical Park, the preserved home and laboratory of Thomas Edison. You'll find a lot to absorb and explore here, and the educational benefits make it a great choice for a great day out with the family. You can look forward to visiting the Glenmont Estate and Laboratory Building, where you can spend time learning about all the inventions this genius brought to us to help create the world we live in today.

There are countless places of beauty in New Jersey, and these are just 20 places I have selected for reference. If there is a place you are interested in, please do your travel guide in advance.


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