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Today In Hip-Hop History: Run-DMC didn’t want to make ‘Christmas in Hollis’

The origins of "Christmas in Hollis" date back 34 years ago to 1981. Run-DMC and producer Rick Rubin were commissioned by A Very Special Christmas, which featured artists such as Whitney Houston, Madonna , Stevie Nicks among others . The single became an instant hit for its catchy lyrics about gifts under the tree on December 25th."

It's was hard to find an artist in Hip Hop music who would be down with recording a Christmas-themed single for charity at the time of the release. Even Run DMC was opposed at first, but then changed their mind after hearing how much money could change hands from the sale of these songs and albums which have been designed specifically as fundraising tools by various non profit organizations around America.

It took time for them to warm up to the idea which then paved the way for a whole new seasonal branch of Hip Hop that fans across the world have come to enjoy.


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