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Thee NCAA College Football Postseason is Here, Which Means Plenty of Bowl Games and Dog Fights

We’re almost at the end of 2022, and that means we're almost at the end of the NCAA college football season. It's certainly been just as enthralling as any other with the majority of the country’s top 25 ranked teams having 2 or less losses, highlighting just how much of a dog fight it has been. We’ve seen teams dominate opponents, we’ve seen underdogs pull off massive upsets, and we still haven’t even unraveled all this season has to offer with bowl season and the 2022-2023 College Football Playoff, or CFP, yet to even begin. With things set to kick off next weekend, let's take a look and see who is set to match-up and in what capacity in this year’s NCAA college football postseason.

Two NCAA football teams managed to remain undefeated this season, in turn rightfully earring their place in the 2022-2023 CFP: the Georgia Bulldogs and the Michigan Wolverines. Both teams dominated their competition this season with both averaging roughly 27 more points per game than their opponents; comparatively though TCU and Ohio State University, the other two teams selected for the CFP this year, beat their opponents by an average of roughly 25 points, highlighting how good this year’s match-ups should be. Georgia will play Ohio State in the Peach Bowl while Michigan will take on TCU in the Fiesta Bowl, both to be held on New Years Eve, to determine who will square off in the national championship on January 9th. Beyond the CFP, another big match-up fans are likely to look forward to is the Sugar Bowl which is also set to be played on New Years Eve and will see 5th ranked Alabama, surprisingly missing the CFP this season despite early season hype, taking on 9th ranked Kansas State. Another is the Orange Bowl on December 30th which will see two powerhouse programs square off in 6th ranked Tennessee and 7tth ranked Clemson. We’re only beginning to crack the surface of the NCAA football postseason here however, with dozens of games set to be played once things kick off on December 16th; once that day comes, virtually anything goes.

For football fans, the NCAA college football postseason is like an extension of Christmas. It’s also a great way to bring in the new year as it virtually guarantees them some of the most exciting football they’re going to see all year. Not to mention NFL playoffs are right around the corner, which are shaping up to potentially be just as much if not more interesting than the NCAA postseason this year. Only time will tell though, and football fans will be virtually glued to their seats once bowl season commences next Friday.


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