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The Scorn of Infidelity

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I must warn you; the bruises and scars never leave. The pain you felt when you realized that you were betrayed, doesn't just melt away in a few days. It can be agonizing to your subconscious, and it will not be dusted off of you like lint on a suit jacket. You will look at your partner if you choose to stay, and have to battle with your decision for an unforeseen time period.

The aftermath of infidelity can be a band of so many consequences. Throughout the years you intend to spend with your partner, you have to ask yourself some questions that will terrify you in the long run. Can you love your partner, and cast aside the imagery of what they did to you? Can you heal enough within yourself, so that the issue doesn't repeatedly come back up in dialogue? Can you reprogram your perspective, so that the man/woman you see isn't defined by the mistake they made?

If you CANNOT positively answer these questions and back them up with application, then your relationship (honestly) has become void! A healthy relationship after infidelity will require serious "shadow" work. It will require you both to come together as a couple, and to effectively (and intentionally) seek out answers, methods, and ideals that will maintain the glue that was lost. That romantic magnetism that drew you both together won't be at a high percentage visibly, until the work is done.

The question you have to answer most importantly is, do you still truly want and love the person, now that the cheating was done? The answer to this will be one of the most difficult to speak out loud, and ESPECIALLY if you truly still love them, and want them.

I have been cheated on before, so please know that I feel for and resonate with you all, who've experienced a partner crossing the line that should've never been crossed. The catalyst for a renewed relationship will its purest form. That love, if true, will do the work necessary to ensure the relationship sustains.

You will not hold a relationship together, if love hasn't consumed the two of you. It is stronger than any drug, but it must exist in your romantic world in order to act in your favor.

Know who YOU are, and what you can take. Set your boundaries and move together accordingly. If your relationship goes through infidelity, only you will know what to do next!! That said...even in that, act with love...whether you choose to continue or let go!

This has been a word from your invested, love writer

Mr. Jose V. Wright, Jr.


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