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Tez Young debuts his new single My Sneaky Link on DA BLAZE 887 XM via iHeartRadio

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

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Tez Young debuts his new single My Sneaky Link on DA BLAZE 887 XM via iHeartRadio
Photo Credit: Tez Young @tezyoungofficial

The journey of navigating life does not come with an instruction manual that describes each step. Utilizing self-control, mental endurance, and fierce determination is required to optimize your God-given ability.

Mastering your God-given ability requires untold hours of dedicated effort, honest assessment of oneself, firm belief in one's abilities, and unrelenting commitment.

Chasing your dreams includes walking through the darkest of times to discover what you are capable of. The accomplishment of a goal is a milestone, but one's dream can never be seen in vision until it arrives full-circle.

Fearing and doubting one's capacity are life's most prominent enemies of success. Crossing the bridge of uncertainty is not designed for everyone. Being able to convert ideas into profitable actions creates a movement.

Despite his young age, recording artist/entrepreneur Tez Young possesses movie star glamour, an incredible work ethic, and the star power of a music icon.

In order to mainstream a new kind of R&B/Hip-Hop style, Tez Young's goal remains to improve youth culture and maintain a solid female fan base.

Relying on his vocal range beat production and heartfelt reality lyrics, Tez Young has a mass appeal to his fan base. His multi-diverse music catalog creates an ideal balance of soul, high-frequency vibes, nightlife energy, and aspirational vision.

Tez Young's latest release, "My Sneaky Link," continues to impact mainstream radio. "My Sneaky Link's" island vibe sound and fast-paced beat production create a distinctive euphoria.

Determining "My Sneaky Link's" impact via social media is incalculable. The vivacious spirit of "My Sneaky Link" produces an instant dance vibe and sexual electricity. "My Sneaky Link" reflects the multi-diverse musical talent of Tez Young. "My Sneaky Link" is one of the most requested records on DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami.


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