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Tempted to Touch

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Breaking News Flash: Consent will always be a necessity in romantic attempts and desires. We're going to start this off with some things that aren't paid attention to, enough. Women must be respected too!

Regardless of your intimate orientation, there are moral standards that must be kept in order for things to work. You cannot do what you want to do in any context, and expect things to work harmoniously in your favor, and in the favor of anyone you're interacting with. Who made you dictator of all things? How many times did you rock your head against the wall when you were a kid?

Regardless of man or woman, today's dating attempts have become way more dangerous as egos have been inflated. You cannot just touch a woman because you feel like it, and that's regardless of how she looks. CONSENT IS MANDATORY! Human beings have lost their minds apparently, because today's dating scenario displays more and more women concerned about how dating will affect their safety. It is sad to see women who desire love reconsidering, because consent is not being requested or even acknowledged in any form.

A woman allowing you to touch her, even if just affectionately (platonic or not), is a privilege. Once upon a time, you couldn't even say specific parts out of context. The word "vagina" itself was restricted from utterance, because the idea of sacredness (in regards to a woman's body) was upheld to an extremely high standard. Today...ha...let freedom ring! Indecency, disrespect, carnivorous ideals, and insatiable lust, have driven many men (and a number of women) to do things folk would find insane! A woman who desires to go on a date with someone, should be seen through a lens of beauty and grace, as well as respect and admiration. If her anatomy's full disclosure has been the focus of any mind, then that mind needs to not date until it's matured enough. Cautiously speaking, unless a woman knows that flesh is the focus when she meets someone, then self control must be a mandate when dating. Predator-like advances shouldn't be the common concern, but here we are...2022...and pseudo psychotic in romance.

Here's my perspective -

It is an honor to saturate yourself in the spirit of a woman you're interested in, let alone touch her.

When a woman grants access to her body, it should be considered a privilege. The way you touch her speaks volumes to her spirit; the way you act with her after whatever touch occurs (or after whatever session that melts the paint off of the walls...heh heh), dictates plenty to her subconscious and conscious mind. A decent and levelheaded woman is always observing you. Knowing this, beware of your thoughts, actions, and where your heart lies. When a woman grants you access to her body, that indicates that she trusts you. Even if her heart isn't fully involved and a "fling" is the goal, there is some level of trust that has been given. Don't waste the time, do not disrespect her (unless that is also discussed and within consent), and ensure to treasure whatever she allows.

The spirits that inhabit these human bodies demand a level of consciousness, which in turn must be showered with intention, purpose, and efficiency! If you are tempted to touch without consent...just DON'T! If you're tempted to touch without caring about her needs, PLEASE don't! Save yourself the embarrassment. However...

If touch access has been granted, remember that she has immense value!! She is divinely placed here for a purpose, and is a gift to this Earth in some form. ACT LIKE IT!

~ a message from a gentleman, and your favorite love writer,

Jose Wright, Jr.


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