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African-Caribbean family owned bookstore Source of Knowledge is the only Black owned bookstore in Newark, NJ and one of the two Black owned bookstores in all of New Jersey. Inspired by uplifting their community, Source of Knowledge only sells books written and about people of African descent.

They offer a huge selection of fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, African art, drums, and Shona stones. The family at Source of Knowledge are so intentional with the types of literature to put out that they do not sell classic stories such as “The Ugly Duckling” or “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” because of the message they convey about being different, especially as it pertains to race. Instead, they sell their own renditions that better uplifts Black youth.

Michael George (a.k.a. Dexter), Masani Barnwell and Patrice McKinney are Source of Knowledge’s very own curators. They ensure to publish and sell books written by Black authors and create a space for people in the community can come and educate themselves on African history and culture.

A particularly special event that Source of Knowledge hosts every summer is the “Read and Feed”. During the “Read and Feed” event, Source of Knowledge is closed down as well as surrounding streets. Young folk and families are invited from around the neighborhood to enjoy sponsored meals, author readings and free books!

The “Read and Feed” event is meant to increase the youth’s access to Black literature, free food and the celebration of Black culture. Unfortunately, due to COVID19 “Read and Feed” isn’t a possibility this year because of social distancing and the financial hit the bookstore experienced caused by the nationwide shut down.

Make sure to check Source of Knowledge out by dropping by their bookstore 867 Broad St. Newark, NJ 07102.


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