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REVIEW: TT (TopTier) – Step Up

For my latest track review, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the new single from rap duo TT (TopTier) entitled “Step Up”. From the release of their 2018 single “Thousand Times” onward, TT (TopTier), made up of rapper IgnoVa and rapper/vocalist MC, has garnered a loyal fanbase and a rather impressive amount of YouTube views (off their catalogue of music videos), Soundcloud plays and Spotify streams during their music career so far. Even more impressive is the fact that they have yet to release an EP or studio album. 

As a biracial rap group, TT (TopTier) has successfully managed to find a creative common ground with regards to music, lyrics and themes, without letting their individual backgrounds, beliefs or life experiences get in the way of creating great music together. And it’s this common ground that resulted in their carefree, party-oriented and delightfully raunchy brand of hip hop, usually set to bouncy, pop-trap production.  But as a newbie to TT(TopTier)’s style and sound, I think the duo’s greatest strength is their ability to craft some incredibly catchy hooks, whether it’s the sexually-charged chorus for “Thousand Times” or the cocky, impatient demeanor emphasized on the chorus for “Enough”. 

With “Step Up”, we’re treated to a sunny, trap-flavored instrumental interwoven with a spacey guitar loop and a thumping bassline.  Designated as the hook provider on this track, IgnoVa comes through with a truly memorable, half-sung/half-rapped chorus which opens with some of my favorite lines in the song: “Step up in the building, lookin’ / Higher than an escalator / Team hella good / I bring life, call me Respirator”. He also delivers a solid first verse laced with braggadocious bars, shots at the haters (mainly centered on the sexual prowess he exudes around THEIR girls) and quick mentions of how focused he stays on his grind and how small (“like a peephole”) he keeps his social circle.  As expected, MC brings some harmonious flows to the table, and I was thoroughly impressed at how natural he sounds over this production.  Lyrically, he compliments IgnoVa with a verse centered on how the hangover he feels from the night before (most likely, a weed hangover as hinted by the line “What I’m on make me feel strange” but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a little alcohol involved) has done literally nothing to stop him from continuing his seemingly non-stop partying.  The beauty of “Step Up” is that it knows EXACTLY what it is: a feel-good, “life of the party” song that doesn’t overstay its welcome and is designed SPECIFICALLY to make heads nod, feet move and asses shake! And like their previous singles, TT (TopTier) delivers the goods on this track, with their creative chemistry and distinct rap/ trap-pop sound at the forefront. Overall, I found myself enjoying the hell out of this track, and I can certainly see it drawing a wider audience to TT (TopTier)’s music. I do hope that we get an album or EP from the duo in the near-future (I can easily suspect their current singles will be added to the track listing), but in the meantime, if you’re looking for a fun, upbeat song to add to your 2021 hip hop/trap/pop party mix, look no further than “Step Up”.  “Step Up” will be released on October 22nd 2021.  Soundcloud Spotify

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