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Protecting Who Frees Me.

The ability to cherish one's comfort, respect it, and nurture it is of the utmost importance. Dear you feel comfortable communicating with your partner? If you're fearful of bringing specific topics before them, then that is an indication that there is little freedom between you both. Being totally vulnerable promotes true freedom, and relinquishes the need to have inhibitions in various topics, ideals, and perspectives.

Photo Credit: Black Milk Women (found via Google)

What do you tend to see, when you take note of people who feel free and happy in their relationships? They tend to get extremely PROTECTIVE of their partner! When they realize that they have someone worth while, who makes them feel like magic in every way, the territorial inclination kicks in. Have you become so enamored with someone, so enchanted, and so entangled in their gaze, that when someone else tries to flirt, you have to choose between calmly telling them to scram, or consider an extensive prison sentence? I know, I know...I was there. There's no judgement here.

That is the protector in you!!

What does it take to build that protective spirit in you?

  1. Transparency/honesty

  2. Reliability

  3. Consistency

These may be some basic principles when considering sustainable relationships, but to be quite honest, they're not always properly applied. A lot of secrecy & acts of selfishness have consumed many people across the globe. It brings about fear when people are presented with the need to display trust, and because of the difficulty to give that, safety automatically is a concern. When a woman feels as if a man won't discard her dignity & allegiance, and he keeps his word...consistently, her ability to feel safe increases. When a man receives honesty from a woman, it carves away at the emotional wall he is used to maintaining. Freedom comes with selflessness on both ends, and the ability for both parties to act in favor of themselves and their partners! A man will shield a woman he is fluidly enamored with & nurtured by, and though she typically isn't the shield of the home, the woman can be just as adamant to protect what she possesses! When in fluid, beautiful, transparent, and secure motion, love covers the entirety of the home!

May you remember to be free, transparent, vulnerable, and entertain only someone who will be the same for you. You'll see the warrior kick in!

Your gentleman writer,

Jose V. Wright, Jr.


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