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Protect & Serve or License to Kill

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I’m going there y’all please chime in. I would like your opinions on this matter, something that has been going on forever but just now taking center stage. In the last 10 years it seems since the Eric Garner & Michael Brown cases of 2014 caught our eye and shined some light on the raw nasty truth. Our public servants & “protectors” local and state law enforcement are far too aggressive towards minority racial groups or ethnicities if we’re being totally honest and fair. We’ve seen & experienced more police killings in the last ten years than any other ten year period in history capping off 2022 with the most police killings in a single year on record.

As I’m sure we all probably know by now about the kickoff to 2023 with the publicized death in which 29 year old Tyre Nichols of Memphis, Tennessee was pulled over January 7th on a traffic stop and was pepper sprayed, tazed, and severely beaten leading to fatal injuries. He was assaulted, beaten, and fatally wounded by 5 police officers almost each one twice his size, all minorities in this case though. On January 28th though Memphis rapper NLE Choppa wanted to turn the negative into a positive by walking/skating through East Memphis for Tyre Nichols. The rapper went on to quote “ I’ll never respect how footage is released of something so gruesome to keep people vibrating in the state of fear, anger, and hate!” “There should be more respect for his innocent soul and even his family.” “What ever happened to rest in peace?”

The video was captured on a nearby traffic camera after the officers body camera footage didn’t display the full assault and all the officers malicious intentions, but it brings up some crazy thought/conversation provoking or just straight forward blunt questions that I’m sure none of us can have a specific answer to but I would love to hear your opinions.

Was this attack maybe apart of the good ole boys club & the “house negro’s” wanted their fill too?

Was this just the regular self-hate and was picked on all their life and abused the little power they’re finally given?

Or maybe they thought they could get away with it because he was black and “who” would really care he’s just another negro?

Last but not least y’all was their a comfort level there because this happens quite often and goes unaware & unpunished?


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