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Observing the Soul's Beautiful Windows

Photo Credit: Pin de Live en Adorable (Pinterest)

Ladies - Are you one of those women who've been complimented on her eyes? Are you the woman who men have chosen not to make eye contact with, because effortlessly you weaken a man's resistance & empower his inner animal? There's something wondrous about a nice, beautiful, and undeniably magnetic set of eyes. Some men and women have eyes so appetizing to stare at, that people would rather look away from you than maintain eye contact.

That is some kind of power, isn't it?

Your eyes give a lot of detailed information to onlookers, and different kinds of folk who may or may not want to communicate with you. You may at times want to say something kind, but the way you look at someone kills the vibe instantly. The resting position of your eyes, heavily involved in your facial expressions, could work with you or against you. Come on now - how many times have you unknowingly given someone the evil eye, and you didn't realize it until you saw them make that swift u-turn? EXACTLY!!

Now picture this when involved with your significant other. Your eyes will give off the energy that you aren't aware of, whenever you aren't intentional about conveying certain messages through body language. You should be mindful when you stare into their heart-melting, knee-buckling eyes that yours could detour their kindness if you aren't paying attention. Ensure that in whatever place you're in, that your partner senses energy from you that's inviting, captivating, and welcoming.

Ask yourself a few questions before your next debate/important conversation with your partner.

  1. Are my posture and facial expression repelling the attention I seek at this moment?

  2. When my partner looks at me, does my face beckon them to come closer, or stay out of my orbit?

  3. Are there past issues that could've been rectified, if my eyes/expressions were more inviting when those conversations happened?

Do yourself a favor the next time you need to have an important dialogue with your facial expressions (and surely your eyes).

This message was brought to you by a gentleman who wants you to succeed in love (and not shove it aside) -

Jose V. Wright, Jr.


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