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NFL Regular Season Update: 7 Weeks In and The League is Looking A Little Different This Season

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

November is right around the corner and the NFL season is at the midway point, having given fans plenty to be excited about thus far. Some teams have exceeded expectations while others have fallen short, but there is plenty of football left that could certainly shake things up. Until the Super Bowl rolls around next February teams will have to continue to fight it out, and fight it out they will as the teams currently at the top of the league have already been extremely competitive in their personal pursuits of success this season. Some of those teams have already garnered more success through Week 7 than they did the entirety of last season, while other teams are seemingly struggling considerably relative to their success last year. Let's take a look at how those teams have seen so much success thus far and how things are beginning to shape up as we get ready to enter the second half of the NFL season.

It's a tight race in virtually every division across the NFL as the level of talent across the league this year is seemingly at an all time high. For instance, seven of the NFL’s eight divisions only lead their divisions by a game or less and are separated from the next team in line by just a single win or loss. One team has without a doubt fared the best thus far as the Philadelphia Eagles remain the only undefeated team left in the NFL with a 6-0 record as budding quarterback Jalen Hurts has consistently led the Eagles’ revamped roster to one convincing win after another, and they’ll need him to keep doing that as the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, their division rivals, have also posted impressive records of 6-1 and 5-2 respectively. After the Eagles we have two teams that currently sit atop their respective divisions with 5-1 records, with the Buffalo Bills building upon the newfound success they saw last season and the Minnesota Vikings turning things around tremendously after winning just eight games last season and subsequently missing the playoffs. The New York Jets have also begun to surmount an incredible turn around after ending this season at 4-13 only to have already amassed more wins this season as they sit behind Buffalo with a 5-2 record, while Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers have struggled thus far having posted a rather unremarkable 3-4 record, after recording just four losses all of last season, that somehow has them tied for first in their division. While we have seen Brady mount some remarkable comebacks throughout his career, we are seemingly entering a new era of the NFL which will see a new crop of young quarterbacks rise to the very top of the league and lead their respective teams to newfound success.

The NFL has certainly given football fans plenty to talk about through the first seven weeks of the season, with so much football left to play the standings could shift dramatically by the time Week 17 rolls around. Will Brady have what it takes to carry a team to one more Super Bowl before eventually deciding to hang up his jersey, or will a team like the Eagles or Jets capitalize on their newfound chemistry to bring the title home to their incredibly fervent fanbases? While we can’t predict the future to answer these questions, we can certainly get excited about ten more weeks of football and all the excitement that should accompany them.


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