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New Year's Resolution Energy Cleanse

Happy Holidays everyone no matter which one or one’s you celebrate and believe in. I hope you all had fun with your families & friends and made a lot of great memories. Heading into the new year a lot of people have started coming up with their vision boards, new year’s resolution list and I’m supporting it to make 2023 the year of me. After the last few years of uncertainty and doubt most of us have realized what really matters is your physical & mental health. Going forward we need to make those the two pivotal foundation pieces on everyone’s list. We have multiple ways to address them, hopefully something comfortable enough so everyone can incorporate at least one of the recommendations.

Every year of our lives we have experiences, some laughs, some cries, some bad times, some epiphanies, and some amazing times with people close to us friends, family, relatives, co-workers, and etc. Most times we tend to keep & cherish those memories so much we get caught up & spend ample time trying to duplicate those memories/feelings ultimately staying complacent never quite fully expanding your imaginations. So the first recommendation is to do a circle/access assessment within your family, relatives, friends, and co-worker groups because negative energy and people can weigh on you no matter how positive and driven you are as a person.

We as people all have things in common and I like to say they start with us all wanting to be seen, heard, felt, and understood. No matter who you are & how tough you may think you are, we all need someone or some people to talk/vent to that we can be totally vulnerable with and feel comfortable completely judgment free. So this next recommendation is identifying your strong people & genuine support system with no ulterior motives. These are the people you should confide in, ask advice, and entrust with your emotions because telling the world your problems just drains your energy and adds a lot more opinions to a rhetorical conversation.

With mindsets like most things you encounter in life you need order and some kind of organization. Without a clear understanding or vision of ourselves & our purpose we are like blind ducks crossing the road just hoping & praying we make it unscathed. This recommendation is meditation. Just take 15 minutes to an hour every morning to sit in complete silence and clear your mind. Some immediate benefits of meditation are clarity, focus, alertness, and a more positive curious attitude/spirit.

The hardest part of anything is the removal, extraction, detox, and cleanse because it’s painful. In this phase we have to unlearn & relearn because your mind is only as pristine as the things used to fuel it. Now especially more than ever we have to understand a well balanced & organic diet is something we all need to adjust to. We’re in the midst of food shortages, quarantine, recession, and war. We need to portion, ration, stay vigilant & get back to agriculture and growing our own food. A well balanced diet gives you more energy, less joint pain, helps you focus, and can improve sleep patterns & mental stability.

Please make 2023 the year of me because it starts with self and if you can’t commit to all the recommendations just choose one that best fits your comfort level and start there. You can slowly and gradually start to incorporate the others one by one until you reach your new goals, expectations, and purpose.


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