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NEW VIDEO: Kiamo drops visuals for "Don Diva"

Kiamo drops new visuals for "Don Diva" in music video directed by QuentinFilmz with 100APiece Productions.

As soon as you hear the intro, you know Kiamo mean't business when he laid down "Don Diva". The track opens up with a snippet from Staff sergeant David Bellavia's viral medal of honor recipient speech, the one where he warns the United States' enemies that "We will not be intimidated. We will not back down. Basically that if you want war...youll get it.

With Kiamo's lyrics and the song's 90s/trap style production, the visuals for Don Diva tie everything together for a undeniably clear delivery of the intended message.

The video opens up with an aerial view of the garden state. Slowly moving closer to a coral colored building that stands out in the center of the city's skyline.

The next opening shots take you to whats happening on the ground; but we focus on a group of young dudes chillin' on a stoop. As he pans the corner, we see one young man come in and hand his friend with the radio a cassette, he pops it in the player and we hear "We will not be intimated, we will not back down." The entire first scenes and intro sample takes you back to 1990s New Jersey.

At 30 seconds, we see Kiamo. The camera pans in on him from below, in the corridor of the same building. As the frame focuses on his face, his expression is firm and unwavering, he means business.

The first verse unveils some of Kiamo's anecdotes of big balling, designer labels, and making it from nothing while dressed dapperly in a plaid blazer and graphic tee.

In the next few scenes, he links up with the gang, they pop a bottle in celebration and we go on a journey with Kiamo through the places he's been.

He changes his attire in the next few scenes to match the less than tailored, but obviously authenic backgrounds.

Swapping his blazer for a yellow and green hoodie, viewers see Kiamo as he moves throughout the building's interior, always telling his story. "Mama told me it'd be days like this, and I know ain't nobody really made like this" he raps as he walks through.

About halfway through, the scene shifts to two teenage boys debating something heavily. "We gotta tell Big Dog this story!"

Kiamo pulls up shortly after, in the passenger seat of a black sedan, he motions for the two boys to holla at him. They come to the window and tell him how 'Big Dog' was running from the police, and as much as he was dipping and dodging, he ended up getting shot.

Surprised, all Kiamo can say is "What the f***?" before the boys are off, distracted by someone that owed him a dollar on a lost bet. The entire dialogue scene fits the song's sound and vibe, it feels like something that you would see somewhere in the hood right now.

The scene pans back to the apartment complex.

"Used to never pay attention now they lookin at us."

The turn-up continues as Kiamo addresses the doubters and nay sayers, we see clips of him solo, and with the crew.

The video ends with Kiamo the way we first saw him, a headshot of him dressed in a clean blazer and white tee, except this time his expression is noticeably changed. He smiles down at the camera, unassumingly feeling accomplished at how far hes come.

The visuals for Don Diva are clean, dynamic and tell Kiamo's story clearly and authentically. The messages are easy to catch and follow while still being metaphorical and interpretive and make for a great compliment to the song's lyrics and overall production.


Article written by Amy Lothian


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