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NEW VIDEO: "Beam Me Up" Campaign Jai directed by Director Viso

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The video for Campaign Jai's new song Beam Me Up is as catchy and entertaining as the song it represents. With an emphasis on color and clean graphics, Campaign Jai stars in the video as a one-man show.

The video's intro opens up with an aerial view of a sunny day over open waters with small boats on the lake. Between the song's production and the visuals, you can sense the vibe immediately, very cool, Cali, sunshine with a little trap.

As Campaign Jai's voice comes in, cut frame to a bright blue background with the artist seated in the middle. White lines and shapes start to form around his face; stripes, lines, triangles.

He starts to rap. The video is like something out of a video game, with screen splits, rotations, cool distortions, and colors, the eyes are constantly engaged.

Campaign Jai's personality stands out in the video as well. Even seated, he's completely engaged in the music, with movements and gestures that compliment the video's other graphics. As the background colors change from blue to purple to white and back, we see how Campaign Jai makes his flow on the track look easy. About 20 seconds in the visual, the lyrics start to appear on screen in different fonts, colors and styles giving a nice touch to his play on words.

The video begins to feel interactive.

Around the halfway mark the scene changes to Campaign Jai inside, seated in the living room--surprise again--giving the viewers a snippet of his skills while playing the piano. He stays on brand with a bright and colorful tie-dye t-shirt, paired with 70's style sunglasses and his flow locks the whole scene giving the viewers a cool laid back vibe.

Throughout this scene, the white lines and graphics are still appearing on screen, sprinkled in at the right moments during beat drops or rhythm changes.

The video continues back and forth between these two scenes. Campaign Jai with colorful backgrounds and then in real-time both inside and outside. The mix in graphics creates a great balance between fantasy and reality.

Probably one of the coolest scenes in the video is when it foreshadows back to the aerial view of the lake, this time inside the boat is Campaign Jai, kicked back with some oars, feet up, rapping on the lake. After watching and listening, that's exactly what this song and video make you feel like you want to do, kick back and enjoy a vibe.

In just over a minute, The video for Beam Me Up delivered on originality, creative direction, and entertainment.

Written by Amy Lothian

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Video: Beam Me Up


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