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NEW MUSIC: "Waterboys" by S.O.T.M and YaLadysProspect

It’s been a little over a year since the release of Body Bag Season: Undefeated, and it seems that S.O.T.M has been gearing up for another project. 

After closing out 2019 with “Whoa,” S.O.T.M calls on fellow King Pen, Yaladysprospect, for his first single of the year - “Waterboys.”

“When you hear that sound click, it’s too late to pivot”

If you were blessed enough to watch this performed live, then you’ve been impatiently waiting for this release. Now, it’s finally here. 

Assertive bars laced over an equally as aggressive beat, S.O.T.M. and Prospect confront the lower-level-thirsty skeptics while sonically demanding your attention. To be on the safe side, you should bow in their presence. 

With a quarantine summer on the horizon, “Waterboys” might just have to be a Winner’s Anthem than a season hit. I mean, who doesn’t like belittling their haters? 

Go ahead, puff that chest out and address those “Waterboys” in your life. You know you want to.

“How you judging me and you ain't even on the court”

The duo have a history of listen-worthy collabs: “Bitches Always Want the WiFi,” “What’s Beef” (ft. Triip), “My Side of The Story,” “Word to My Momma” (ft O.Live), and “Friend or Foe.” Let’s not forget the King Penz holiday cyphers.

“Me and King Penz about to get it”

Shortage of bars? Never, that pen is sharp as ever. 

If you find yourself all caught up and not being able to wait for more new music from S.O.T.M, you can catch a new freestyle every week on Wordplay Wednesdays.

As always, stay plugged for more.

Article written by Sadé Sanchez of Audio Fixation







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