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NEW MUSIC: "4AM in Rutherford" by Nikko Semaj

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

"Memories only last forever if you want them to."

And sometimes the ones you want to forget roll into your head right around 4am. Some of those thoughts are what you hear on the latest release from Nikko Semaj, "4am in Rutherford".

What started as a spontaneous freestyle, soon became a song about real release and reminiscence. True to his use of smooth melodic sounds, this song stays consistent with Nikko Semaj's previous projects while introducing new elements we may not have heard from this artist before.

The message on "4am In Rutherford" is also consistent with its true, real lyrics, off the dome and from the heart. While he's usually a singer, this time, Nikko says he added more hip-hop and rap flavor with intention. "I decided to test my self in making this record.... and do something that I've never really done before."

The experiment definitely paid off.

As far as messages, there's one on 4am in Rutherford for just about anyone.

"No love in my heart, let's get back to basics."

For the one that's been too good and is rightfully a little jaded.

"My work ethic is ill took a bit of time, when you see me understand how far i had to climb, no handouts."

For the shameless hustlers, the ones who had to make it happen no matter what.

The song ends with Nikko Semajs classic singing, as he says goodbye to the hurt he just laid down. "Sometimes pain can have a huge hold on you and change you for the worst. Don’t change. Just be you." 4am in Rutherford is a track full of mixed emotions you can hear, feel, and sends the message that part of feeling pain is letting it go.

Stream "4am in Rutherford" on all Streaming Platforms, out Now.

Nikko Semaj

Article written by Amy Lothian


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