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New Jersey's Sunny Surff Releases "Special" Single and Official Music Video

Plainfield New Jersey native, Shakia Alford also known as Sunny Surff, just dropped her latest single and video "Special" backed by Secret Society Motion Pictures.

“The song “Special” is significant to me because it’s one my first single dropping after going through one of the hardest times of my life last year,” Sunny describes. “I lost everything and had to start all over. The things I am talking about in the song came from the soul after coming out of that dark place. That was a time I’ll never forget for the rest of my life and that song will always be a constant reminder for me to never go back there and to stay on my toes and keep going hard until I get to where I want to be.”

Surf reminisces on the memories of her brother and relives the tragedy and pain in the latest music video. Motivated and driven to be the best version of herself, Sunny Surf strives to help and heal others through music. She uses her music as a therapy release, and hopes that her listeners can resonate just the same.

She has her fans waiting in anticipation for an official full-length Sunny Surff debut in 2021.

Check out the music video for "Special" by Sunny Surff, Out Now!

Sunny Surff can be found at the links below, go indulge in her sound!


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