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Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Washy unveils the transcendent audio masterpiece ‘Andale’

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Washy is a bold, confident, charismatic, and unapologetic leader in the world of Music Millennials.  All humans desire and pursue one component in life 'FREEDOM.'  

Washy's music enables listeners to envision audacious, inspiring, and life without limit style dreams. Washy's lyrics narrate Millennials' real emotions and feelings worldwide and emboldens them to fly and not run towards their goals.  

'Andale' symbolizes a fast-paced and festive nightlife vibe for active Millennials. 'Andale' ultra-high tempo driven track ignites the human adrenaline and creates an instant premonition of luxury living. 'Andale' is a track engineered to breed prosperity, incalculable confidence, and larger than life dreams.

Listen to 'Andale': Here


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