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Kush and Eazzy releases "Put You On Drugz"

Updated: Dec 2, 2021


Kush & EAZZY

Put You On Drugz

Kush & EAZZY Put You On Drugz
Cover Art: Bill Cipher. @cipherbillgfx (IG)

Kush and EAZZY make their mixtape debut by joining forces to release a colab project full of street savvy and new age confidence. From motivation anthems like “What’s the Mission” or “Chest Out” to self aware introspective records like “2Jobs” there’s a mood to mirror from this mixtape. The duo are accompanied with features by Darryl J, alvie the skywalker, Kyanne Peppah, and Amir. Scoring the audio are DARKSIDE INDUSTRIES in house producers Feauxseven and alvie the skywalker as well as production from Prynce P, MTRSPT, Louch, and more… Come get hooked!!


DarkSide Industries New Jersey
DarkSide Industries


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